Monday, February 23, 2009

Would the Hearies Listen to Me, the Deafie? I Think I Have Valid points...

Hello! I'm really sorry about this window blaring so much. It is sunny today. I tried to avoid this window without any success. So, please be patience with me, ok? I want to bring a discussion. I want to use the subject on this discussion. I cannot avoid to use the word, discuss. Cannot! Discuss!

I want to start with you the Deafies. You can spread the message to the Hearies. I hope the Hearies would listen to us, because I think I have valid points. I hope the Hearies learn from us. I am sure the subject might be mentioned. Just that I bring this up, because I do not see the subject discussed out there yet.

First of all, let me start with Flint, Michigan. Flint had serious finance debt that Michigan governor send her finance manager as an acting mayor. The acting mayor was there for two years, because of an order, not of people voting. The acting mayor took care of the budget within two years, and Flint, Michigan was free from debt. TWO years... I was surprised. If Flint, Michigan's budget became better, therefore America needs a finance manager. That is right.

See, see, the economic here in America is real bad. Many people are getting laid off. Looks like there is dominoes effects going on. The companies seem to copy another companies to lay off their workers. This seems to be chaotic ongoing. People does not seem to have faith in the economic right now. Our President has an enormous responsibility as a President. I am sure this President has a major on public relations, or government. Maybe a minor? Not majored in economic, definitely... Maybe one or two courses on economic. Is it enough knowledge on America's economic? Economic's language is hard to understand. I understood my economic course very little, and I got so-so grade for it. You need to understand the economic in order to get good grade.

I discussed with someone on economists... People who studies the economic are not popular. They study so hard, and their language are hard to understand. So, what can we do about this? We need to change our attitude and re-evaluate ourselves, reflecting on America. The point here is we need to improve our economic by hiring the economist. We need to accept their appearance. Vanity is our major theme right now. Looking good, fame, clothing and so further are the way we represent for America??? The other option is having the President and having a new position as Finance Manager, as Co-Presidents, so that this FM could observe and understand the economic better.

I was informed that the President hired this person as his Finance Advisor. This person had worked for the company that failed and collapsed. I am puzzled all about this. If he did not succeed, then how can he understand the economic works? Obama hired this person as a favor, because he has helped Obama win the Presidency. I hope Obama hired the right person, because we need one!

Also, for example, football, basketball, any sports, one player is hired through contract, and it is very expensive. A-Rod, the baseball player, got the 252 million dollars contract. People are sick of A-Rod because of his steroid usage. The point here is the 252 million dollars contract affecting our economic and budget, did you know? Someone mentioning this said that the money costs, like expensive parking, expensive food, and expensive tickets all because of the contracts with players. TV included, cost, cost and cost everything else. That is the concern. Do we have the money for those contracts? No.

Well, one, or many things we can think of on our economic or budget. I think we are spoiled. We are getting greedy. We need to re-evaluate ourselves. We need to spread the words. Let the Hearies know. Let the Deafies know, too. We look at ourselves, reconsider the changes in ourselves in order to improve our economic. So many things we can think over and see what we can change for the better economic. It is all up to you!!

America needs the Finance Manger!

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