Friday, December 21, 2007

Deaf J

Hello, folks,

Let me introduce you Deaf J!! She is so AWESOME! I love her! I hesitated to introduce her to the world, due to several reasons. Deaf J is three years old dog. She already set in her ways especially with her former owner. So, we were pretty new to each other. I wanted to make sure she gets along with our yellow lab dog, Sweetie, first of all. The dogs went along very well!! The former owner was hoping that I have another dog, so that Deaf J could follow the other dog for some kind of communication. They went well on communication. Then I wanted to make sure she and my KIDS get along. There were some adjustment, but they are getting along pretty well. My oldest daughter is delighted to have Deaf J, so that she could jump to our beds and sleeps with us, or to our laps and sleep with us. Emma enjoys that so much. Sweetie somehow determined not to do anything with beds nor our laps ever since she was a puppy. Sweetie is a sweet, wise, old soul dog. So different from Deaf J...

Okay, let me show you some characteristics that can identity Deaf people tend to perform. In the beginning, I made noise to get attention from Deaf J, and I found myself in an awkward position, realizing Deaf J is really DEAF, lol. Then I started to tap her to get her attention and now it is a habit to do so. Deaf J has to look into my eyes to make sure we communicate.

I could notice that Deaf J did not practice the sensitivity with passing among the humans. A lot of clumsy in passing. I mean, I do not know whether you are familiar with that, but our Sweetie would move herself out in order that one of us pass her. Habit at my own home, eh?

Then, Deaf J had a habit at her former owner that she could go outside anytime with the dog door. Here, we do not have a dog door. So it was the adjustment she had to make. At first, Deaf J would run toward the entrance door, and realized there was no dog door. She would just sit down, staring for a long time at the entrance door, as if she wondered however she could go outside at all. A few weeks later, she realized that it was us the humans that would open the door for her. Now, it has been three months since she came home with us. Nowadays, Deaf J would watch at me whenever I go near the door, and then she would run to the door and look at me. At nights, she would shake the bed to wake me up to let her go outside. She would not let me pat her until I got fully wake, and realized she needs to go. Wow. Impressed.

Whenever Deaf J was sleeping by herself, I got home, greeted by Sweetie as usually. Deaf J would continue sleeping. I tiptoed around her and tested to see how long can she continue sleeping til she realized I was home... It is usually about within less than three minutes. Deaf J would wake up and looked at me sluggishly, smiling with short tail wagging...

Deaf J is NOT a pit bull, smile. A lot of my friends and family thought she be one, but she is from the same family, tho. She is a mixed Jack Russell Terrier

AND Staffordshire Bull Terrier!! As we know that Jack Russel Terriers tend to bred Deaf Terriers. Staffordshire Bull Terrier is new to me, and this Terrier is number 3rd popular demand in United Kingdom!! This Staffordshire Bull Terrier are considered nannies for the children, so Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, had said. So, Deaf J's gene must be from Jack Russel Terriers group!

I found Deaf J through Deaf Animal Row v/blog. I searched for a Deaf dog ever since. Finally, I found Deaf J nearby. She was living one state away. The former owner offered transportation, and everything else was free... So, we agreed to meet half way. There Deaf J was!


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Welcome to Butterfly Deaf's v/blog!

Welcome to my v/blog. I am open to discuss various subjects and issues. Mostly about the culture I am in related to my deafhood. There are so much information that I could discuss forever. I am excited to share my views, perspectives, and information with ya'll! I do the vlog and blog together here.

Looking forward to put endless posts!!