Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What is he? Mild Deaf? Not?

Hi, this is about my son. I decided not to type the transcript this time. If you wish to know, please let me know and I will figure out, ok, thanks.

After reading Ridor's article about his not willing to watch any videos, I decided to type the transcript after all.

I am trying to summarize what I have signed in my video. I wanted to talk about my son. He has Down's syndrome. He is smart, funny and alert in whatever he does. He is now 5 years old. Now, guess what what subject I have been struggled lately ... it is the hearing problem or issue. Ever since his birth to present, I have dealt with his language development. I noticed that he is an audio-based learner, not a visual-based learner. I have dealt harder with his speech, than I did with my girls. I am Deaf myself. So, I get confused how to do the speech with him and his condition.

His children doctor did the air pressure equipment to test his ears for any fluid left in the middle ears. Doctor did that ever since he was baby to present. He gave concerned looks about son's ears condition. Doctor does not feel right about this, either son's ears being infected or not. He encouraged me to go for the hearing testing clinic. We went there when son was 3 years old. The test came negative. I reported this to the doctor. He gave a concerned look. The doctor kept up giving the air pressure equipment for fluid check, and the outcome were not good.

I asked for his referral instead, and we went to the referred place. The audiologist determined that my son has about 50 dB. I looked back and realized that I tend to use stronger voice for my son. I used the regular voice with my girls when calling. When rebelled, I would use more firm voice with girls. When son rebels, I would come to him, and get him and bring him to the place. 50 dB, hmmm. That makes senses. Tough situation. Based on his doctor repeating the air pressure equipment showing bad results, I decided to identity my son mild deaf. Even though my son is referred to ENT doctor for any clarification or cleaning his middle ears' infection if any and , I would still make a plan to place my son in the deaf school.

It is not easy to identify his hearing level. It is something else! Even I asked for tubing in his eardrum, I ended up with the concerned looks! I compared him with the other peers with Down's syndrome. The peers response better than my son. My son responses a little different.

I am sure you have experiences such like this...all over the country. I'm appreciated for any feedback from you.

Five years experience on this situation, whoa!

Thank you, b-deaf

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Now, Would AG Bell be there, for sure?

I think I have improved the video quality. Please give me feedback in the comment about the video quality, thanks.

Think about it...DeafRead bloggers and vloggers wrote a lot about AG Bell conference in Wisconsin a lot. They wrote about going there a lot. They even mentioned "see you there!" Also, mentioned how support they are for Deaf Bilingual Center. Oh, yes, I support DBC. I handwave to them.

Now, everyone is talking about this. Do you really think AG Bell not read our conversations in DeafRead? I think they do read DeafRead, and it is possible that they make plans to move another place secretly. Or, maybe make plan B, if they are staying the same place. Who knows what would happen there, but it is possible that the conference may be relocated. Do you get the message? I am concerned about that. Conversations are open in the public. Anyone can read the message.

Perhaps consider what you feel to do something about this. Thank you.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Me? Hearing Person??

7.12 minutes long video

Hi, ASLpride just mentioned that he was mistakenly identified as a hearing person. Where is ASLpride?? Anyway, it was a funny story. Go to this link, if you missed his story. I would like to share this with you. It is not only one time experience, but hundreds time, uh, no, thousands time, yeah.

It was no fun in the beginning. Whenever anyone asked me this question, I was feeling lousy. The questioner asked me whether I was hearing. I said no, I am Deaf. Then this questioner insisted that I really was hearing. I said, I am really Deaf. Still this questioner asked his or her friends to see if I were Deaf or hearing. Then if I had friends with me, I would ask him or her to tell this questioner and his or her friends that I am Deaf.

I was agonized every time I was being questioned whether I was Deaf or not. As time goes on, I grew to used to it. "Yep, me deaf." without any elaboration. Still some deaf people would like the full explanations, instead of "Yep, me deaf." It all depends on my willingness to explain, lol!

My very first experience was occurred on NTID campus during my first year after deaf school! It was in the middle of the winter. I was standing in the tunnel, waiting for the elevator to come open. I was standing next to a few Deaf people. I was standing quietly, cuz I did not know those Deaf people. One Deaf guy began to chat with the other Deaf individuals. I looked at the conversation. I realized I knew that guy a little, and I began to chat a bit with this guy and the group. A few minutes later, one person looked at me, as if something is not right. This girl asked me whether I was hearing. I was stricken, like a bat strike on my face. "Me? Hearing Person?? uh, no, I am Deaf." This person did not believe that I was Deaf at all. The group agreed with her. I was dumbfound. I responded back, I am DEAF!! Then the elevator came open, and the conversation was ended. I went into the elevator and was standing before the closed elevator doors, shocked at this situation.

At Gallaudet University, once a long while, I was asked by students; not only they being Deaf, they were not from Deaf families... I do not know what Deaf characteristic they were looking for, but obviously I did not provide them any Deaf characteristic. Then into the career world, I was continuously asked whether I was Deaf or not. It depended on what kind of people I was working with. Now, I am a stay at home mom, and I still get those questions whether I am Deaf or not. I do not know why I am "hearing" to some newly met Deaf people.

Isn't it interesting how things are being twisted in either way with Deaf communities?

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My DeafRead Tidbits 02/17/08

I am changing my approach on signing ASL. Ever since I typed up the transcript, and put it up on computer screen, I glanced and glanced at transcript while I signed. I admit, guilty as charged. Now, I am changing this approach by signing the story, and typing up the transcript. This is new experience for me... So, let us see how things go.

I got a new haircut. New look again. Really an accident was occurring. It was a little miscommunication between me and the hairstyler. I accept this mistake. Hey, look at the new look, smile!

Now, the Deafolouge, DeafRead's new feature is here. I am not familiar with it. It is a new thing for me. DeafRead has four things going on, DeafRead blogroll, DeafVideo.TV, Deafologue, and possible Live Chat channel, like Y! There is hot talking going on about Live Chat channel. Looks like I will join the Live Chat channel someday. Interesting, these things are growing. Obviously, Tayler is making things growing, different features relating to computers, internets, communication, and American Sign Language.

I would like to see the post set up in the right side of DeafRead.com. If any new feature set up, this post perm anted would be announced for a month or maybe, a week. So that the readers, like us, could catch the updated information.

Live Chat Channel. I have checked Tayler's. I missed the night live before, but there was leftover, like people chatting on four squares. This made me wonder what it would be. Let us hope things work out for all of us!!

I enjoyed the information about Steak and Shakes. I know it is an old news, but I was impressed with Karen and her efforts of spreading the new among us. Karen spreaded the updated information about Steak and Shakes and the order at window. Then the information about media involving the story. Then the meetings with restaurants owners or administers. I am impressed with the information and story that are shared with us. I would like to see the incidents, the different issues, similar to this Steak and Shakes situation, to be shared with us. So, these issues could be spreaded among the readers. That gives us motivated to participate and give the feedbacks on those information. It is real nice.

I noticed that there's a huge controversialism over the terms of Aslan and Amerslan. I understand those words are spelling similar that stirs some Deaf people to complain or concern. ASLpride vlogger is trying to present the idea and is spreading the idea. I like the concept of his. ASL users is for anyone, really. Using American Sign Language is not only limited to Deaf people, but to anyone else. It is that reason! (Adian, is that "that" what you were referring?? grinning!) The term can be used for researches, statistics, financial, and many purposes. I think it is good idea to identity us as ASL users. Instead of Deaf community alone, Deaf community, Deaf power!, ASL users numbers is way larger than the Deaf community. We need to look at this concepts. I like the idea. The new term, Aslan, sounds great. It all depends on you, the Deaf people, with that word. Maybe the different word that is more appealing.

Now, NAD, I think, may work among us, the v/bloggers. Still, I could see some Deaf people resist NAD, and are not comfortable with NAD. I understand their concerns about NAD all talk, not action. They were not happy with the word, "membership." I have suggested they get the informal v/blog just recently. NAD needs time to do so, and it is really their choice. The point here is I would like to see a national organization for strengthening the bills, the laws of the Deaf and its likes. Instead of the talks and the written letters to show the world are the answers? I do not know. I was thinking of toils and sweats of doing the hard works. I understand it takes money involved, the time involved, the writings to set up the organization, I understand... Still, oh, well. I support NAD, yes. I support DBC. I support, yes, DeafRead, of course!!

It is all for now. I am curious about your feedbacks on this ASL approach, and information. I am sure you like this approach better, but let us see..

Thank you, b-deaf

Thursday, February 7, 2008

AGBad is SO BUSTED!! NAD objected!! Hey, NAD...


First of all, thank you so much for expressing out to AGBell's letter. We appreciate that very much.

So, I have your attention, I hope. We need you, NAD, involved this DeafRead.com, cuz DeafRead is neutralized for supporting any issues. We need more involvement from you. Could NAD establish a new job assignment? Could you get someone who could monitor the DeafRead v/blogs for some more new ideas and suggestions, please? That someone could answer directly to us, the v/bloggers, commenters and readers?

I am appreciated that you have a v/blog here with us. However, I do not know. Perhaps an additional v/blog of yours? I think perhaps someone who types or signs in video like us the v/bloggers? more informal where we could feel comfortable to discuss? Do you understand what I am asking for?

Well, I am hoping for the consideration and a new beginning from you, NAD!! :D

Thank you, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Sunday, February 3, 2008

DeafRead Live Feed Experience!

Hi, folks!

So, we found out who won what caterogy last night...yeah. To my surprise, it was fun being at live feed video and live chat.

While we were waiting on line for the live feed video, we chatted. Yes, there were live chat, like we did before at Gallaudet or wherever it was. It was incrediably experience by chat with the OTHER vloggers and bloggers. We got to know each other a little better by seeing their responses or reactions to the sayings... it was fun. I think the live chat is still ongoing. Also, I learned that DeafRead also offers Live Feed for any event. Awesome.

Then I watched Live Feed video. It was fashionably late, or DST, that is Deaf Standard Time. Just fifteen minutes late. Not bad, tho. Then the video got frozen a few times before it went smooth. The size of video was rather smaller than we would like it to be. The quality of video was superb. There was Joey signing as M.C. He did very good job.

Suddenly, the live chat was ongoing while guests on the stage signing. It was fine with me, BUT, grinning, the live chat moving like space each time that annoyed my sensitive eyes, lol. I even mentioned, "shhh, I am paying attention.." I knew no one ever bother to cope well with that, anyhow... I put up the paper on the livechat instead so that I could pay attention to the signing of the guests and Joey on the live video. But then, on and off I had to look up the livechat to see what JJ Puorro had put down the vlogs' and blogs' names, and caterogies, because the video was rather small to catch the message.

Hmm, the guests looked great, and their clothes looked great. On the small video, clothes do make different. Some color of clothes made signing harder to see or understand. That is something we need to remind ourselves what color we should wear for signing before videotaping.

16 awards were announced. The winners were named. I could not recall all of them, cuz I was not at myself with colds. DeafRead will post the awards in their official blog soon. The vloggers, bloggers and others showed up on the stage to announce the caterogies and winners. They waved at us, the viewers. They were making sure we could see their signings. They even showed the awards upfront so that we could see the names on the awards. The awards looked like glossary paper with fancy design on it. Very nice looking.

Then there was DE who announced the concept/idea caterogy. He made a brief skit on the v/blogs' names. Then I saw my name spelling out. It was a nice feeling that it was announced in public. Yeah, I remember who won the caterogy... Amy Cohen Efron.

Congrats to all those who won the awards. The awards was voted by people. That tells a lot and it surely makes me think what the people really want from the vlogs and blogs.

I want to thank Sprint and Paul Rutowski for making this possible. I (and v/bloggers) appreciate that the conference, banquet and awards were provided. I am in confidence that from the conference DeafRead will improve to be a better service to all of us!

Again, thank you for the nomination!!

Thanks, butterfly, like me...deaf

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Employment fair?

Published June 21, 2007

Hi, Of course, I had first hand experiences myself and with my husband (now soon to be ex) on the employments. I thought, since we experienced this, so do the other deaf people, one or another way.

When Seeking Geo mentioned about deaf people looking for employment, there was a very long list of comments that I do not see that much in DeafRead.com as of today. Anyway, I asked the person about what I would tend to talk about for the sake of this BLOG. This person said, Employment. I said ohhhh, of course!

Several issues regarding to employments held by deaf people are needed to be addressed. Too often, there has been awkward situations among hearing and deaf people. The employment itself is considered UNFAIR, based on many different reasons!

First of all, the hearing people have little or no experience with deaf people. That is the fact. Now, the deaf people are supposed to teach the hearing people how to deal the deafhood itself, what he or she needs for the employment, such as videophone, existing tty, flashing lights, and others. Again the deaf people need to know how to deal the hearing people’s ways. Their ways are different than deaf’s ways. So, this spells uncomfortable or sometimes termianation in deaf’s employment.

I plan to write several articles regarding to employment and us. It is critical time that we need to be aware of our current situation. We need to explore the conflicts. We need to find a way to resolve more efficiently. So, we are in cyperspace, BLOG and VLOG, the information spreading far and near more efficiently. We need to grab the opportunity to do the best for the deaf communities. I feel that BLOG and VLOG are the keys to improvish the deaf lives and their deafhoods.

If there is a protest or revolution among the deaf communities, I would be one of those first people involving this. Now is a good time to do so, really. We need a new law set up for the deaf employees. I do not know about a new agency set up by government, because number one it is easily becoming red tapes, setting up limitations, and others. Unless someone out there might have a good strategy how to set up an agency or a program for the employment.

You see, all vocational rehabilitation counselors are tied down to many rules, limitations, and red tapes that they could not help much other than helping one starting up his/her life. Worst of all, the VR counselors start their newly clients on social security income, and then they help them whatever they need for the employments. Don’t you see the conflict here….ssi first and then employment? Once deaf people got the taste of SSI monies, they would have trouble time letting their monies go. So, they stay with SSI, instead of start out with employment.

So, in the conclusion, the employment need be to expanded and explored. Oh, there are so many details that will be discussed here. Like Ridor said in his website, be prepared for many more information to come….!

I am not used to write a LONG article, for some people, including myself, would like to read a good explanation why this is written. So, please be bear with me with this. Feel free to write the comments… I am aware of a lot of deaf people have good employment, so please do not waste your time on comments, ok.

Thank you. deafk