Friday, May 30, 2008

Refreshening Deaf VIPs or Locals Encounters

Edited and Updated from March 2008

Refreshening means to stimulate (the memory). Deaf means, of course, Deaf people who are considered themselves as anything that identity their self as Deaf people. Encounter means a meeting with a person or thing, esp. a casual, unexpected, or brief meeting.
Refreshening Deaf Encounters.

After we met a lot of Deaf people at certain places, like Gallaudet University, NTID, CSUN, NAD conventions, Deaf conferences, Deaf schools, Deaf camps, now Deafread and other blogspheres, you name it, it is ALWAYS refreshening encounters with the Deaf people you met at certain place in the past and in the present. Even though you do not know this person enough, you always feel that you connect to this person in a way or you can find something to talk with based on the experience you had with this person. Regardless it be, it has been nice to feel connected with this Deaf person.

A while ago, I encountered with a mildly Deaf lady who was not involved with Deaf community for a long while. This lady attended Deaf program in public school in the past, but we connected regardless. We understood each other and our needs. That was something special about this thing that I did not feel connected with regular hearing people. Only that when those hearing people who have been with Deaf people one way or other, like using ASL with Deaf people, or working with Deaf people tend to understand us pretty good.

Again, when there are Deaf vips among us, we get the opportunity to meet them. We too feel honored that we are able to meet those Deaf vips, like MM, BB, Glen Anderson, Ella Lentz, and others. They are well known people. Still, we have connection with them in a way or another. You see, if you compare this with the famous hearing people, you get rarer opportunity to even meet them. Whatever you get to know or learn about this Deaf vip through reading books, watching videos or dvds, discussing with Deaf people, you would feel good by meeting this Deaf vip, knowing a bit about this person. The Deaf vips would be appreciated by being informed how you got to know about them, I am sure about that!

Oh, let me tell a short funny story about one Deaf vip, Linda Bove. This lady worked for Sesame Street program for several years. She did a lot for media, tho. Okay, when my friends agreed to hold the spot for me while I was doing something else before I came to them, I joined them in the line at the restaurant while attending NAD convention. My friends introduced the couple to me as Mr and Mrs Bove. I came to realize that they were connected to Linda Bove. I asked for that, and they responded that they were the parents of Linda. After asked my friend whether she knew about Linda Bove or not, I explained a bit to her about Linda. Somehow, I began to notice Linda and her husband standing behind her parents. They looked at me as if I were crazy enough not to notice them. I yelped at this situation, and then laughed a lot at this situation. After we were seating down at table, I saw Linda's husband was laughing at me as he passed our table. I felt blushed, but I guess they needed a good laugh as well.

So, it is so nice feeling to connect to any Deaf person; vips or locals.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Me? Hearing Person??

6.21 minutes long video (retake at 1230pm 05/12/08)

Hi, ASLpride just mentioned that he was mistakenly identified as a hearing person. Where is ASLpride?? Anyway, it was a funny story. Go to this link, if you missed his story. I would like to share this with you. It is not only one time experience, but hundreds time, uh, no, thousands time, yeah.

It was no fun in the beginning. Whenever anyone asked me this question, I was feeling lousy. The questioner asked me whether I was hearing. I said no, I am Deaf. Then this questioner insisted that I really was hearing. I said, I am really Deaf. Still this questioner asked his or her friends to see if I were Deaf or hearing. Then if I had friends with me, I would ask him or her to tell this questioner and his or her friends that I am Deaf.

I was agonized every time I was being questioned whether I was Deaf or not. As time goes on, I grew to used to it. "Yep, me deaf." without any elaboration. Still some deaf people would like the full explanations, instead of "Yep, me deaf." It all depends on my willingness to explain, lol!

My very first experience was occurred on NTID campus during my first year after deaf school! It was in the middle of the winter. I was standing in the tunnel, waiting for the elevator to come open. I was standing next to a few Deaf people. I was standing quietly, cuz I did not know those Deaf people. One Deaf guy began to chat with the other Deaf individuals. I looked at the conversation. I realized I knew that guy a little, and I began to chat a bit with this guy and the group. A few minutes later, one person looked at me, as if something is not right. This girl asked me whether I was hearing. I was stricken, like a bat strike on my face. "Me? Hearing Person?? uh, no, I am Deaf." This person did not believe that I was Deaf at all. The group agreed with her. I was dumbfound. I responded back, I am DEAF!! Then the elevator came open, and the conversation was ended. I went into the elevator and was standing before the closed elevator doors, shocked at this situation.

At Gallaudet University, once a long while, I was asked by students; not only they being Deaf, they were not from Deaf families... I do not know what Deaf characteristic they were looking for, but obviously I did not provide them any Deaf characteristic. Then into the career world, I was continuously asked whether I was Deaf or not. It depended on what kind of people I was working with. Now, I am a stay at home mom, and I still get those questions whether I am Deaf or not. I do not know why I am "hearing" to some newly met Deaf people.

Isn't it interesting how things are being twisted in either way with Deaf communities?

Butterfly, like me...Deaf