Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Ramblings ~~ No Script this time!! :D


I decided to sign in the video without reading the script this time...

Here is the outline, hee..


Do-do.. Kids away

Time for my audience



Digital camera

Link to "Big Man on Campus, 2008" written by Stephen Trachtenberger

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Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Response to Amy's "Bobbie Beth Scoggins at DBC Educational Conference"

Hi, Amy,

Your article presents very good subject about Bobbie Beth Scoggins being in the historical events. I am glad for her to present the topic about EHDI.

As I wrote down the comment, it became too long. So, I decided to put it in my v/blog's message instead. I want to do this to honor DBC and NAD events, because I cannot be there to participate the events. I wish DBC & NAD the best!!

For my son, we had birth hearing test at hospital. His test failed twice, but then it was passed. However, what the nurse did to us was surreal, and unnatural. She actually panicked about his hearing test. She kept testing him several times (three times, I think), and she decided that his hearing was normal. Sheesh, how did you think I would react to this? A lot of doubt! As a Deaf parent, I would be prepared and be excited for a Deaf newborn, but this nurse was a nuisance and a scary character. She even made me question the whole situation. I was not prepared at all.

Also, I was told that this nurse is supposed to act this way in order to get parents' attention to "what to do with the hearing loss." It was all because of C.I.. Money talks. Her act is a completely turn-off AND unprofessional!! We need to do something to beyond the birth hearing test. Attitudes need to be changed.

I have noticed some audiologists sometimes do not give in to mild hearing loss, due to money. You see, it costs to be Deaf; education, interpreting service, and yes, the language, ASL. So, is that fair to give this kind of test?

There is the system behind them that they are wiser with money as time goes. The system is something we need to fight against now than ever. So different ERA.

So, I am hoping for the EHDI to work best for all Deaf babies. Since each state has its own interpretation what kind of information to present for the parents, we need to be the underdog to make sure that each state has proper information for the sake of our Deaf babies.

I trust DBC and NAD that they improve the system. Do me, no, us, no, THEM a favor; do it fast.


Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Up to date (06/27/08 at 1:15pm)

Here is the link to Amy's message!! My apology!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Long Year ~ Anniversary of Butterfly, like me...Deaf!

One Long Year ~ Anniversary of Butterfly, like me...Deaf!

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Thank you for stopping by my v/blog! You are joining me waving and celebrating for my v/blog! Confetti is not possible, sorry. I could cut the papers here, BUT I *bored* picking up the papers!!:D

DeafRead got my attention in the fall of 2006. It was related to Better Deaf President events at Gallaudet University. I grabbed the opportunity to write the comments in the v/blogs in January 2007. Lastly, I wrote the messages for the blog in June without revealing my name, my decision. Signed in videos for the first time in October. I fell in love with the idea using the word, butterfly, in my v/blog's title, due to their being Deaf. I figured and rambled how to use the word, Butterfly, in the title until I found the words together for my v/blog's title, Butterfly, like me...Deaf.

The blog message was created on June 12, 2007, but I did not post it out; I knew nothing how to post. Even though I tried to post one or two message without success earlier, I started with “Employment Fair?” on June 21, 2007 to; not aware of no introduction in the beginning, smile. Sorry about no introduction...

Videos started on October 5, 2007. I was nervous as a guinea pig when picked up, lol. You know, the feeling you got from the guinea pig, that one!! I got more confidence as time went. Signing to video is totally different, comparing to writing a blog. You have to memorize the lines, work on the appearances, setting the right lights, and establish timing limits. I hope I get better with memorizing the whole story or message one day. I just watched my first video, and boy, I have been changed ever since; long hair to short hair. I could see that as time goes as I have gained my confidence slowly in signing in the front of webcam! I am not sign smoother, like some Deaf people are, but I sign better and clearer than I started for the videos area.

There were several commenter's and v/bloggers giving me supports to keep up with my v/blog. I am indebted for their believing in my v/blog. I am appreciated with them.
Also, I met a few vloggers along. They were Ron Fenicle at ASL Expo, Tar, did you know that Tar is tall and beautiful guy!?? also at ASL Expo, and Ella Lentz at workshop. It was surreal to meet them in persons. I am glad I met them, and chat with them.

I gained friendships through Also, I gained Facebook from DeafRead. I have a luxury address book (Facebook) that I could contact my friends anytime. Much easier than your own address or e-addresses book, which might need to be up to date periodically.

I witnessed a few historical events through They are Better Deaf President events at Gallaudet University, Deaf Bilingual Coalition organization, the Deaf people becoming choosy over how to run, and the subject, Deafhood, becoming familiar among Deaf homes. The growth of using the Internet with DeafRead such as Deaf Mobile through my blackberry pager, Deafchat, and I am also indebted to Deafread for the socialization expanding. DeafRead gave me confidence than I was a year ago! That is a matter of fact! ILY, bye-bye.

Butterfly, like me...Deaf