Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thanks to Internet!! Why? Here is the Why...

Food for Thought today!! I have thought lately. Wow, I thank what? number one what, INTERNET! Yes, it is champ! Internet expands unlimited possibilities for the Deaf people. I mean it!! You can imagine!

I look in the past. I did not have computer when I was growing up. Home computers started sometimes after I graduated from high school. It occurred during my college time. People did not get their computers until middle of 1980s'. Finally, the people bought computers for homes. More, and all houses has computers. I mean it!! You cannot avoid any house that has no computer. If no computer, it has to be poor, or to be prohibited. Everyplace has computer! Whoa.

I thank what for, what for...I thank INTERNET! Now, was created a few years ago. A FEW years ago, can you imagine that? Not long ago, gulp! expanded big time. ( was founded on Feburary 2005, only three years!!) It becomes a household name now. Finished. Anyone hear of would know the name by heart! DeafRead and work together and they created DVTV. This is excellent! Not only DeafRead, but other programs everywhere else does the videos. Facebook has their own vlogs, videos. It grows... Wow, I am impressed.

If vlogs or videos were not existed, I would probably write and type. Yeah, I would not see the faces. I would not see their signs. I would not see their style of signing. I would not see them. Something is missing. Now, finally I see their vlogs. It has been about one year, one year and half. Not long ago. I got involved in those videos big time. Finished! I have been watched and made videos a lot. I am addicted to this. I am a vlogger junkie!! Seriously!!

Okay, you see, I have "met" people through vlogs. I have been curious about their signing style, and expression. I have noticed that written English they have written for their videos and their expression in their videos are not able to match well. Reading, writing, typing and signing. Signing has its own cliques or accent. Their mark of expression is all. Reading is the standard for English. People expect to understand the reading, because of its expectation and rules. Watching the signings and reading the "script" are not the same.

I learn more because, for example, I got involved in the signing group that discusses National Football League, NFL. This group shows their expression, facial expressions, and freestyle signings. This is their expression! I enjoy them more, than I do with reading. If they do those in writing or typing, I probably would laugh, and shrug off, letting them go. See those TVs' cc, newspapers, reading them are not appealing to me. I do not care about NFL with written messages. Nah. Now they express with ASL, and they are fantasizing to me! Not only me, but a few Deaf women are involved, whew me, ha.

There is another FB groups who would like to improve stuff. If they typed down, I would read them, like newspapers, magazines, and others. Reading...yeah, yeah. Then I see them signing, and displaying in their videos. I feel more connected to them. More personal, not like those in commerical way. I am impressed.

I am serious! This is AMAZING! I thank the Internet! Oh, my goodness!

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Thanks, Kathleen Kinnee
Butterfly, like me... Deaf