Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thanks to Internet!! Why? Here is the Why...

Food for Thought today!! I have thought lately. Wow, I thank what? number one what, INTERNET! Yes, it is champ! Internet expands unlimited possibilities for the Deaf people. I mean it!! You can imagine!

I look in the past. I did not have computer when I was growing up. Home computers started sometimes after I graduated from high school. It occurred during my college time. People did not get their computers until middle of 1980s'. Finally, the people bought computers for homes. More, and all houses has computers. I mean it!! You cannot avoid any house that has no computer. If no computer, it has to be poor, or to be prohibited. Everyplace has computer! Whoa.

I thank what for, what for...I thank INTERNET! Now, was created a few years ago. A FEW years ago, can you imagine that? Not long ago, gulp! expanded big time. ( was founded on Feburary 2005, only three years!!) It becomes a household name now. Finished. Anyone hear of would know the name by heart! DeafRead and work together and they created DVTV. This is excellent! Not only DeafRead, but other programs everywhere else does the videos. Facebook has their own vlogs, videos. It grows... Wow, I am impressed.

If vlogs or videos were not existed, I would probably write and type. Yeah, I would not see the faces. I would not see their signs. I would not see their style of signing. I would not see them. Something is missing. Now, finally I see their vlogs. It has been about one year, one year and half. Not long ago. I got involved in those videos big time. Finished! I have been watched and made videos a lot. I am addicted to this. I am a vlogger junkie!! Seriously!!

Okay, you see, I have "met" people through vlogs. I have been curious about their signing style, and expression. I have noticed that written English they have written for their videos and their expression in their videos are not able to match well. Reading, writing, typing and signing. Signing has its own cliques or accent. Their mark of expression is all. Reading is the standard for English. People expect to understand the reading, because of its expectation and rules. Watching the signings and reading the "script" are not the same.

I learn more because, for example, I got involved in the signing group that discusses National Football League, NFL. This group shows their expression, facial expressions, and freestyle signings. This is their expression! I enjoy them more, than I do with reading. If they do those in writing or typing, I probably would laugh, and shrug off, letting them go. See those TVs' cc, newspapers, reading them are not appealing to me. I do not care about NFL with written messages. Nah. Now they express with ASL, and they are fantasizing to me! Not only me, but a few Deaf women are involved, whew me, ha.

There is another FB groups who would like to improve stuff. If they typed down, I would read them, like newspapers, magazines, and others. Reading...yeah, yeah. Then I see them signing, and displaying in their videos. I feel more connected to them. More personal, not like those in commerical way. I am impressed.

I am serious! This is AMAZING! I thank the Internet! Oh, my goodness!

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Thanks, Kathleen Kinnee
Butterfly, like me... Deaf

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Controversal Issues Regarding to Deafized Way with Driving

The driving is designed for Hearing. Music or radio comes in handy. We need to adapt our Deaf way to keep our minds busy. Any suggestion or idea is encouraged.

I bring up a controversial issue here. It is all about driving. What is going on with driving? Let me tell you about my background a bit. I was a chauffeur for the first three years. First year, one school, driving to drop daughter off, driving home, and then driving back to school to pick daughter up and bring her home. The second year, two different schools. Then the third year, three different schools, dropping each kid, driving back to home and then picking up them at different times, and then bringing them home three different times. Alas, wow, it surely took my time on the roads. Why three schools? one is special education school, one is public charter school, and last one is pre-school.

Anyway, to the driving issue, phew, it is not funny. Bus drivers, truck drivers and its likes have guts for driving a lot on the roads continually. Applaud for them!! Not for me..., you see, this year, I am done with being chauffeur. All kids go to school bus. I get them back here... It is all due to high cost of gas prices going up. I had to change my situation for the sake of finance. That is the major reason. Now, I want to mention this that I get distraught easily. I would read something on my wheel while I look on the roads.. I could not drive alone. I would like to keep my mind busy while I drive. It is not fair that Hearing people could keep themselves busy with music or radio.

There is a new law that does not allow pagers, cell phones or its likes on the hands. It has to be hand-free and be on the visor, or headset. Maybe videophone on the visor can be done for Deaf people. Deaf drivers can do that? Glancing and driving, not good idea...could stop at rest area or something like that. The point here is the eyes has to be on the roads. I understand it is important for the safety sake.

I ask you. I challenge you and the whole world, too. The listening to music is designed for the hearing people. H E A R I N G way. Where is the deaf way? We need to ADAPT to our situation. What is that? Okay, in the past, we have developed doorbell lighting, baby crying lighting, videophone, VRS, pagers like Sidekick pager, oh it is like champ!! Now, the next thing is driving. I am the mom who had a lot of drivings, whoa. I would like to do something on this. The challenge is a solution for keeping our minds busy. What? I would like to figure out what to do. Either you help me with this, or I work on this... Or, maybe, we could work out together.

Hmm? This could be a serious issue. Deaf drivers' minds need to be kept busy. Recently, not long ago, I was driving for an hour and half. On the way about fifteen minutes or twenty minutes, my eyes shut for no reasons. (maybe due to kids keeping me busy before we head for driving, and then my body needed to be rested.) I woke alertly, and worked hard to keep my eyes opened til I found a place to park my vehicle. I had to sleep a few minutes, and then off to drive. Oh, my goodness! It was like out of shape or practice for driving a long way. Now, to my point here, my mind needs to be alerted, and stay awake. I could not use the music. What else can I do?? Come on, do not do to us, be patience with the only music or radio. We need to do something. Be creative, and use your brain!! In the past, we did a lot to succeed ourselves with equipments, right? We can do it!! Yeah!! Come on!

Please leave feedback here, or bring the suggestion or idea to your vlog. Brainstorm as much as we can. We need to improve our driving issues. Yes, we are good, yeah excellent drivers ourselves. We need more! Get it?? Ok...

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Thank you, Kathleen

Friday, October 10, 2008

>Scary Stories< For Halloween...

I gave four scary stories for the sake of Halloween. Enjoy!! ;D

Thought that thing was haunted, but it really was...

That glowing in between!!

Scary Experience with Driving!

Another scary experience with Driving!

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My First Video, Then and Retake ~~ 10/09/08

Retake Video October 9, 2008~~ I repeated what I mentioned in my first video! :D

My first video October 5, 2007

Compare the first video, and compare the current video. See how I approach the video with more confidence than I did with my first video.

Thank you, DeafRead, for giving me the opportunities to be myself in the media field. I appreciate this very much. I just looked my first video, and I realized that I have come a long way. Wow...

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Have a good fall!!

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tidbits 09/23/2008

Yes, I have gone blondie... It is for fun. I do not know whether I ought keep up with blondie color... Not sure if it is my thing, hee.

Bernard Bragg, Tar, Deafchip, Chuck Baird; all from DeafRead, Peter Cook, Rosa Lee, Mindy Moore, Camille; all entertaining people, a few friends that has FB were at Deaf Art Festival event. All at once on the same place, whoa! DAF was held by De Sale Center and DAF committee. It is held bi-annually in Brooklyn, Michigan. Okay, I wanted to mention this that I have seen them, and chatted a bit with a few at Deaf Art Festival (DAF). I felt connected with them more after experiencing them with DeafRead and Facebook. Some DR asked me to come back to DeafRead. I agreed to go back, because it was so good to see them. It has been a month since I did any v/blog for DeafRead.

In Facebook, I enjoyed being the cheering rah FB person for his or her chosen NFL football team. It is something that DeafRead nor DVTV cannot compete with. Videos are not practiced in FB much, still it is presented differently than what videos are presented here on DeafRead and DVTV... Both are good, tho.

Did you watch the Olson Brothers show recently? It was all about Presidency election. Boy, it was really tough to elect on any person. Go and click here!! Hilarious!

I had an interesting view on special education at public school today. Of course, Casey's kindergarten teacher is concerned all about Casey's delayed performance, even though he is catching up a lot lately. His teacher recommended me to see the special education class, and yet she showed up after a meeting occurring at that school. I was impressed with her that she wanted to see that class with me. After the visit, we decided that this class was not benefit for Casey, due to emotion impaired and immature behaviors. The teacher felt bad after seeing this. I refused to let Casey go there, due to be easily influenced. He would pick the nasty behavior and he would not let it go til all the kids are done with that behavior, lol. That is his condition. We agreed for one on one aide for Casey. I do not know whether it is a good idea, and yet we go ahead with this and see from there. Casey's situation is tough, due to his mildly condition.

I start to look for a full-time employment. I do not haste anything right now, but eventually I would like to work one day soon. That means the reduction of v/blog performance. I will do the v/blog, but not much as I used to this year, or even more last year.

Okay, thank you,

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Tuesday, August 26, 2008



Yeah, I caught it!! You tried to move on successfully without any notice... Finished you!! I am glad you did the work successfully. Hand Waving. Now, you understand that it was your job. :D Thank you, and ILY!!

Now, I have to explain this to the public. I have not heard anything from you, Tayler. This is overlooked. So, I need to let the public know about this feature. Yeah, it is a small feature, but it make more convenince for all of us. Thank you again, Tayler.

Now, what is up with this? What did Tayler do to succeed? Yeah, remember last summer, I objected about DVTV's still video. (Paper is displayed, DVTV's page) That one, Tayler, yes, that one! When we make the change in YouTube's three choice, we can do that. When the video still arrives on DVTV's page, we cannot change the picture. We got stuck with the unwanted still video on DVTV's page. Sometimes the still videos are not attractive, or are embarrassing us. Like the finger on the nose, oops. Yucky!!

Anyway, I objected about this situation. A while later, I noticed something about the still video being changed... I wasn't sure all about them. I was puzzled all about them, and I suspected something was going on. So, I let them go, anyhow. Recently, I tested the still videos on DVTV to see if the still video could be changed. I tried my all YouTube's three still videos on DVTV. I checked on DVTV's page with my still video. Yes, my still videos all were changing... PAH!! See this DVTV's page (Displayed DVTV's page on paper). Your YouTube's still video will be shown on DVTV according to your preference or choice. Finally! Yay..Hand Waving!! Things are a little better, more comfortable. That would make us feel better about DVTV a little more. Thank to Tayler. Hand Waving.

Did I object for nothing? NO! I made it a difference, and I am glad!

Here are two v/blogs about this feature:

TAYLER!! Those Front Picture?? YUCK!!

Small Solution for DVTV's Still Video

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

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Friday, August 22, 2008

I Notice Deaf Pattern here at DeafRead...

Hi, folks,

I want to express with you what I have experienced and observed Deaf people coming and leaving DeafRead... I have studied those pattern. Interesting experience for me. I let you know those Deaf people come to DeafRead to enjoy the reading, enjoy with signing in the videos. However, they did not expect the criticism and negative comments. Me, I think I am okay so far with my v/blog. Mine is low profile which helps a great deal. I try my best.

I let you know that those intelligence Deaf people tried to do their part with DeafRead. They get frustrated over and over again. Then they left DeafRead. Seriously, intelligence Deaf people keep in touch with another intelligence Deaf people. I admit it. I am sorry, yes. They need feedback. For example, in my hometown, there is a Deaf clubhouse, and a deaf school. There are many intelligence Deaf people around here. Yet they live on their own. They are over there, and I live on my own here. My friends live far and out of reach. Now here the Internet is awesome, because I can talk and network with many Deaf people through Internet. It is really a blessing to have the Internet.

I talked to some Deaf people, and discovered that they really do not like the negative messages nor comments. They are sensitive people. Truly.. Some Deaf people have thin skins while other have thick skins.

I really enjoyed the signing circle. I have learned a great deal from this signing circle. This does not mean I support every one's speakings. No, no... All concept, no.. I just supported some people, talked, shared the ideas, and give feedback. I enjoyed this approach. I liked the signing circle, due to friends supporting friends. I do not see this in DeafRead. Also, I have time to listen the video comments, taking my time to watch those comments. Chat rooms and Yahoo Live chat rooms are nonstop, limited time, focusing one another to watch on their time, not self time... You understand? That... If you had to do something else, and to come to chat room, you miss all the information.

I would like to see circle, any circle with taking turns (video comments). I wrote on my up date status message about the circle with video comments on Facebook. I would like to see the signing circle in Facebook, because I do not see anything in FB, like something is missing. Same thing with DeafRead. What, talking, and taking turn, fellowship, making conversation. That is something I am looking for. I am hoping for this happening soon, real soon...I am expressing how I want for this.

Please remember that people are not perfect. Not. They are learning. So am I. I do support Deaf Babies Coalition. I care about DBC. I also appreciate Deafhood and its theories, practices.. Umm, I like the studying of self as a Deaf person. Maybe better yet ASL person (for hearing people's sake). My number one concern is Deaf babies. Remember I am from hearing family. Parents hearing and I had hard time communication. It was not easy. I would like to see parents hearing communicate with Deaf babies, feeling comfortable, cooperating well with Deaf babies. I am willing to do anything for the Deaf babies.

OK, back to the subject, about Deaf people leaving DeafRead due to frustration, think about them. I want to encourage them and give them support, our support. Unity, and fellowship... They are not forgotten, not. I hope they mull over, and decide to come back... They need to feel comfortable to join back. Comfort zone is important.

Thank you, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Latin to Pompeians is ASL to Deaf People

Hi, there,

I would like to mention this, Latin to Pompeians is ASL to Deaf People. It is all because of one suggestion by Carl Schroeder. I also learned something from someone else. Carl explained how DEAF vs. ASL could be valuable in this world and for marketing purposes. Someone else questioned the word Deaf in Deafhood, as if it is still crippling one self. That this word, Deaf, is not considered healthy approach in this world, oh, I mean, this hearing world.

So, let me describe how the language could conditioned. At Gallaudet University, I took two years, or four semesters of foreign language, and it was Latin. I wanted to take it to expand my vocabulary. Indeed, it helped in a way. Anyway, I learned that about how Latin language was being used while Pompeians were alive. They created terms to use for their daily living. Then the volcano erupted and the people of Pompeii died. Their language was faded away, and it becomes a dead language. I was to study their language to understand their cultivated living and how they used the term, and grammars to make sentences according to their daily living.

So, what I am saying here is ASL being used by Deaf people, due to their daily living uses. ASL is the language that created by Deaf people. Culture is there in the ASL language. People can learn more about us through the language study.

So, it is a good idea to market the Hearing people the term, ASL, instead of the term, Deaf.

Thank you, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Audism? Then what are we with those....?


I recieved a comment on my previous v/blog message. It got me think and mull over what we really are. I feel that using the term could oversimplify everything else. I do not see any guideline on how to use this term, audism, other than the Deafhood book. This got me think over. Do not take this that I am against the term, Audism. I support this term very much. I love the concept of using the term for the legal purposes. It is a wonderful term to use.

Now, the comment from my last message brought some questions. I would like to clarify some thing. Let me paste this comment...

"Don't bother getting hearing aids. They will just support the idea of audism. I feel more free after I got rid of my hearing aids. I don't have to be slave to my hearing aids." ~ Anonymous

I responsed to this:

"By the way, I do not agree to the word, audism, for using hearing aids. It seems to be off the focuspoint of the audism. Audist looks down on us, the Deaf people. Then how can the hearing aids be considered a part of audism? Not only us, but the general people who loses little hearing in their latter lives. We use it to hear something. What?"

Don't you see an issue here? Oversimplifying the term could cause the confusion... Please leave the message in the comments. Thanks.

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Up to Date: 7/28/08 at 12:15pm I forgot to mention in the either blog or video. This comment by the anonymous should be considered a personal decision, regardless how he or she looks at the hearing aids as a part of audism or not. Hearing aids should be neutral, regardless how the hearing people view on us with hearing aids. This is an interesting subject.

***Go to the link for video comment.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Used to... Now No More, what? Hearing Aids, Here is the why..


What is going on about hearing aids? I rarely talked about them. Finally, I decided to talk about the technical things..Hearing Aids!!

I grew up with the hearing aid with wire between chest and ears. Mother made hearing aid holders for me to wear. I worn this kind of hearing aid until I was in the middle school. One boy looked at my hearing aid and made fun of my hearing aid, saying I have three breasts. He laughed at me. He was a hearing guy. I was embarrassed, and left immediately. I told my mom that I refused to use the hearing aid. Mom felt bad about that, and she went to get hearing aid behind ears. I recieved them INSTANTLY.. I was glad that I have them behind my ears at least. I used the hearing aid behind ears rest of my life.

As I entered into my twenties, I went to Gallaudet University. I decided to feel totally Deaf. I did not need that. I was experiencing Deaf pride at GU. If there was music, movies, or events that required hearing aids, I would use them. So on like that.

Into my thirties, 30s, I used the hearing aids whenever I needed them. I began to notice that my hearing went white out after about 30 minutes with wearing hearing aid. Then my hearing went shorter and shorter, like 25 minutes, 20 minutes, down to 5 mintues... Then it was like 2 minutes. Then it was like fast pffflt. It was like white out. White out...

It was like life going quiet. Then I could not hear anything anymore. I had to take the hearing aids off and put them aside. I did not know what to do with them. So, I tried the audiogist to see if she could check on my hearing aids whether they worked or not. The audiogist tested those hearing aids with machine, and she reported that they worked fine. I said, they worked? She confirmed. I explained about white out right after wearing hearing aids within a few minutes. She could not explain how things happened. The audiogist said those hearing aids are the top, and powerful hearing aids. I said, is that it? Am I finished with hearing aids? She said, oh I could try some other hearing aids. I realized that that was it. I had to put them in the drawer. It is finished for me.

I'm curious, have you experienced those white out sounds like mine? My description of white out is sounds gone, or cannot hear anything else. It is like color in life becomes white. The sounds I could hear are becoming silence. You have similiar experiences like mine? You can give feedback, or discussion here. We could share something like that.

I heard that the digital hearing aids work better. Would they be better for me? I wonder all about this.

What I miss about wearing hearing aids was the sound surroundings. I would hear shoes making noises, and then I would know someone is coming. Papers shafting noises would get me attention. I would identity the noises such like that. People in the hall next to the room where I would be in would talk, and then laugh or shout. I would be aware of those. No, not those words, I was not expert on that, ok? Just the sounds. I would hear the cars' noises, and motorcycles' noises, too. Now those noises are no longer presented. All gone. I hear nothing now. Before in GU, I had options to wear or not to wear the hearing aids, now I have no option. It is permenant.

About Cochlear Implant, I am not interested in them. My friend had the similiar experience as mine. This person went ahead and got the CI. This person did not care about the world, "so what." This person finally could hear the sound surroundings, and the children's voices. This person did not want to practice the listening to the speech or word dictitions. Just sound surroundings. Okay.... I think about digital hearing aids right now.

Oh, short message, know this, Publishers Clearing House, PCH, send this letter for five or ten millions dollars winnings. Primtime or its like, had researched on PCH. They informed that PCH's winnings prizes are real. Hearing people got winning monies as we saw on commericals. I wonder about Deaf people. Anyone of you got the money from PCH?? If using the name, Anonymous, I question how real Anonymous could be, smile.

Thank you. Bye, bye...

Go to this link for video comment! :D

P.S. The ring on my hand is really cloth rubber band for ponytail... Guess I marry to my kids, lol.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gee, I am not comfortable to speak nowsday in DeafRead..


I am sorry to hear that Joey Baer is leaving Deafread. He was my inspiration to set up my v/blog and share my views with you guys! I am in disappointment that I could not keep up with the group I joined a year ago. I understand that Deafread is for anyone that comes and goes.

Now, I am sorry if I offend one of you, considering how Deafread set the guideline: Freedom of speech. I am confused what I should do now. I need to re-evaluate my motivation for any presentation.

I love to do the vlog and blog. I am not the same person as I was a year ago. It helps me a great deal. You can say it is my therapy, considering a phrase I went through the process of getting a divorce. I am so tempted to keep up with Deafread..

I do not want to offend anyone, nor insult anyone. It is not my intention at all. I guess we need to be firm with Deafread until DeafRead gives in to protect us. Oh, my goodness, I am not like Joey, nor Patti Durr who can get away with a lot of people. So, I cannot predict myself well on this.

I want to say I love you all! We need to put our heads on ones' shoulders, hug each other, and forgive one another.

DeafRead, do something.

Thanks, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Friday, July 11, 2008


Up to Date: July 12, 2008 at 9:49am The video is somehow erased. I do not know how this happened. I had to remove the whole video and its embedded. This will be investigated, thank you.

Up to Date 2: July 12, 2008 at 12:39pm Video was successfully made, and uploaded just now. Here it is.

Up to Date: July 15 at 4:38pm EST Changed for better video last Sunday, but replaced today instead... Third time!! oh well, ha.


My mind blew out when Aidan revealed how our newly elected President of NAD how she responsed to Amy Cohen Efron's question. Oh, gosh, I completely forgot that the "I am better than you" attitudes. I am in the shelled world, hiding.. The blogsphere has freed me from those people with attitudes.. The blogsphere also helps me develop new friendships. Same thing with Facebook...

When BB Scoggins said NAD is to stay, I came to remember that I wrote a blog message about another organization needed. I mentioned another organization, due to health competion with NAD. More people work. More projects need to be completed. NAD has stuctures, and year to year plans. NAD was established at the same time when Milan announced oralism was the answer. NAD has been here for a long time. I understand how BB Scoggins could be frustrated with us. My impression is that Amy Cohen Efron represents us as the vloggers and bloggers in Deafread and everything else. Again, I could be wrong..

Here are the ranks of the NAD motions. I am not sure whether the voting result are done, or not. They are very nice motions mentioned in the website. I am impressed with those.

Click to this link: NAD's top 30 proposed motions:

Total 30 RANK Proposed Motions

1. #1 Open Captioning in Public Movie Theaters
5. #2 Certified Deaf Interpreter
7. #3 tied Equal Access via Captioning
16. #3 tied Protect State Deaf Schools
2. #4 Federal Recognition of ASL
6. #5 tied National Agenda for Mental Health
18. #5 tied ASL is a Deaf Child's Human Right!
14. #6 NAD and Deaf Education
25. #7 Live CC for Local TV News
9. #8 Early Intervention and Parent Education
10. #9 tied Hearing Aids/Molds/Batteries/and Services
11. #9 tied Vocational Rehabilition Service
19. #10 tied Feasibility Study on Preserving American Deaf History and ASL
30. #10 tied Early Intervention
15. #11 tied Requiring Closed Captions on All Size TVs
27. #11 tied NAD Youth Programs Task Force
24. #12 Action Alert System for State Associations
13. #13 Health Care Insurance
22. #14 Department of Transportation Requirements
21. #15 Advocacy and Support for ADA Restortation Act
20. #16 Advocacy support for 21st Century Video and Accessibility Act
28. #17 Testing Materials for Deaf Test-Takers in ESL
26. #18 NAD Exhibiltation at Expos/ Conferences
8. #19 tied Promotional DVD about NAD
23. #19 tied NAD Employment Task Force
29. #20 Immigration Access
4. #21 tied Disclosure of CI Risks
17. #21 tied Deafhood Training
3. #22 Video Hotline System
12. #23 Naming of Jr. NAD Chapters

Now, 30 motions... NAD said the goal to do the top 20 motions for next two years. Yeah, I suggest another organization setting up. Two organizations... ten motions each. I have worked in Deaf organization in the past, and when I see those motions, I know it takes a lot of time invovled. Not easy assignments. There are a lot of big projects. Not enough for two years.

NAD will never be gone!! I never picture that NAD will be faded away!! NEVER! NAD is a champ organization. So, I do that as a devil's better Deaf people's lives! Yeah.. Oh, wow..

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Small Solution for DVTV's Still Video

Small Solution for DVTV's Still Video

Brief message...

Found a small solution for's still video. I do this because I am not satisfied with my still video on DVTV's page. I think my videos are the worst of all, lol. I mean this well, thank you.

My recent v/blog message had the term, front pictures, but the commenter's said still videos. Ok, ok.. maybe we have not find the term for those DVTV's page with still videos.

DVTV commenters and I brainstormed on this how thing could be improved.. I have learned from the feedback. One commenter gave the example. He is a comedian, and an actor. Here is the link to his video sample. I like the idea. It may be awkward situation, lol.

The small solution is less body moving, less expression, less hand moving for signing, more facial seriousness in order to get better still pictures. Youtube has three choices of still video. They are changeable! For DVTV's page, those still videos are not changeable.

I give an example how things work on DVTV's page that they cannot be changed on video.

Also, one commenter plans to display how to do the youtube's still video.. I am looking forward to watch his video on DVTV perhaps this weekend.

Tayler, the commenters on DVTV said you cannot do anything about the still video. My apologies for using your name a bit too much. I was hoping that you could fix it, smile.

My pictures on DVTV are sometimes real bad. I cannot stand those pictures, and I cannot imagine how I even looked on those pictures. You know, first impression lasts? That is something I even cannot fathom with my DVTV's still video.

Thank you. Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Up to Date: For your information, I got three better still videos through Youtube... Obviously less body moving, less expression, and less hand moving better works. That is really small solution! ;D

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

TAYLER!! Those Front Pictures?? YUCK!!

TAYLER!! Those Front?? YUCK!!


TAYLER! I object!! I hate the idea of seeing another bad picture showing up on again and again... Tayler, please be considerate and be thoughtful!! I have emailed to Tayler and all he said was changing the pictures. I have done that all the time. However, I get stuck with's front picture... I feel offensive by seeing the badly picture taken and stuck on First impression is very important, and yeah, I do not get much hits, or numbers, due to the "ew" pictures!!

No one talks about this, so I do this!! I have the guts to do so!!! TAYLER! My front pictures are probably the worst!! It may be due to my extreme expression??

Tayler, I am pretty sure that the other vloggers get embarrassed with the's front pictures and they cannot do anything. They are affected by those blah pictures... Vloggers, please tell in the comments that you agree with me about the front pictures.

I flip up and get fed up with this. I want to do something... Please come on, Tayler... I have left the video comments with badly front pictures for you to listen!

TAYLER! Your job with ain't FINISHED... NO ~ NO ~ NO!! Smile!

Thanks, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Up to Date: The word, front picture, may be confusing... I am trying to find the term for the still video picture on's page... I was thinking of front pictures, maybe new term, front picture, maybe different term...? Someome called them still videos. I mean for page with pictures... Some of them are horrible! That is the subject I have tried to explain. Those are new to me... Thanks. Butterfly

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Deaf J, My Deaf Dog


I want to talk about Deaf J, Deaf dog of mine. I got her last October. I have written about this dog, and I will add this to this after this message. Now, let me show you Deaf J. Displayed Deaf J on video... Putting her down...

I want to mention a few Deaf characteristics of this Deaf J... Behavior related her being Deaf.

When I drove home, I saw Deaf J popping up at the window, watching me and the vehicle. How does she know that I get home?? I suspect that Sweetie, the other dog, acted up when I got home that woke Deaf J up, somehow. Deaf J must have used extra of her senses. I don't figure that out yet.

Whenever I drove home, Deaf J would pop up... What did I see something from Deaf J?? It was the Deaf eyes. It was like she uses her eyes more than her ears... Her eyes shows more perspective. It is so cute to see her like that.

Sometimes Deaf J sleeps through my arriving home. I would walk pass her while she sleeps... Shortly she woke up. Obviously she would smell my scent, or wind drifting. Her ears perk and she wags her tail as if she is happy to see me. She's cute!!

Whenever I drop the food for the dogs, Sweetie and Deaf J, I would call for Sweetie. Sweetie would pace fast to the food, she could hear the droppings, anyhow. She is a yellow lab. She would pace real fast every time! If Deaf J sleeps, she would wake up right after Sweetie passing her. It has to be scent, wind drifting, patting on the floor that Deaf J is familiar with Sweetie! Deaf J would pace toward Sweetie and me. That's wonderful!!

Achoo. When I sat on the coach and Deaf J would lay beneath, Deaf J would wake up and pop up after I achooed. She does not understand where the noise comes from. Deaf J is not full Deaf. Sometimes I yell, and Deaf J hears, but still gets confused about the noise and whereabouts.

I wrote in Facebook's status comment about why Deaf J barks at me and Sweetie. I don't know, but I have to tap Deaf J to let her know barking is not allowed. Deaf J would stop barking...

Dogs go to the outside... Sweetie would come back to the house easily. She is a wonderful obedient dog. Deaf J would see that Sweetie goes into the house, and yet she stays outside and sniffs more, or thinks more whatever.. I could not call her. I have to go to her, and tap her. Deaf J would look at me. I sign her come into the house. Deaf J look down and walk into the house.

Every time I see Deaf J, I have to tap her, and sign come. I use the hand to sign come... Deaf J would look at me, and then look down while walking to me or the house. So cute! I enjoy having her as Deaf dog.

That is all!

Link to this story about Deaf J I wrote in December...

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Ramblings ~~ No Script this time!! :D


I decided to sign in the video without reading the script this time...

Here is the outline, hee..


Do-do.. Kids away

Time for my audience



Digital camera

Link to "Big Man on Campus, 2008" written by Stephen Trachtenberger

Thank you for your time...

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Response to Amy's "Bobbie Beth Scoggins at DBC Educational Conference"

Hi, Amy,

Your article presents very good subject about Bobbie Beth Scoggins being in the historical events. I am glad for her to present the topic about EHDI.

As I wrote down the comment, it became too long. So, I decided to put it in my v/blog's message instead. I want to do this to honor DBC and NAD events, because I cannot be there to participate the events. I wish DBC & NAD the best!!

For my son, we had birth hearing test at hospital. His test failed twice, but then it was passed. However, what the nurse did to us was surreal, and unnatural. She actually panicked about his hearing test. She kept testing him several times (three times, I think), and she decided that his hearing was normal. Sheesh, how did you think I would react to this? A lot of doubt! As a Deaf parent, I would be prepared and be excited for a Deaf newborn, but this nurse was a nuisance and a scary character. She even made me question the whole situation. I was not prepared at all.

Also, I was told that this nurse is supposed to act this way in order to get parents' attention to "what to do with the hearing loss." It was all because of C.I.. Money talks. Her act is a completely turn-off AND unprofessional!! We need to do something to beyond the birth hearing test. Attitudes need to be changed.

I have noticed some audiologists sometimes do not give in to mild hearing loss, due to money. You see, it costs to be Deaf; education, interpreting service, and yes, the language, ASL. So, is that fair to give this kind of test?

There is the system behind them that they are wiser with money as time goes. The system is something we need to fight against now than ever. So different ERA.

So, I am hoping for the EHDI to work best for all Deaf babies. Since each state has its own interpretation what kind of information to present for the parents, we need to be the underdog to make sure that each state has proper information for the sake of our Deaf babies.

I trust DBC and NAD that they improve the system. Do me, no, us, no, THEM a favor; do it fast.


Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Up to date (06/27/08 at 1:15pm)

Here is the link to Amy's message!! My apology!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Long Year ~ Anniversary of Butterfly, like me...Deaf!

One Long Year ~ Anniversary of Butterfly, like me...Deaf!

object width="425" height="344">

Thank you for stopping by my v/blog! You are joining me waving and celebrating for my v/blog! Confetti is not possible, sorry. I could cut the papers here, BUT I *bored* picking up the papers!!:D

DeafRead got my attention in the fall of 2006. It was related to Better Deaf President events at Gallaudet University. I grabbed the opportunity to write the comments in the v/blogs in January 2007. Lastly, I wrote the messages for the blog in June without revealing my name, my decision. Signed in videos for the first time in October. I fell in love with the idea using the word, butterfly, in my v/blog's title, due to their being Deaf. I figured and rambled how to use the word, Butterfly, in the title until I found the words together for my v/blog's title, Butterfly, like me...Deaf.

The blog message was created on June 12, 2007, but I did not post it out; I knew nothing how to post. Even though I tried to post one or two message without success earlier, I started with “Employment Fair?” on June 21, 2007 to; not aware of no introduction in the beginning, smile. Sorry about no introduction...

Videos started on October 5, 2007. I was nervous as a guinea pig when picked up, lol. You know, the feeling you got from the guinea pig, that one!! I got more confidence as time went. Signing to video is totally different, comparing to writing a blog. You have to memorize the lines, work on the appearances, setting the right lights, and establish timing limits. I hope I get better with memorizing the whole story or message one day. I just watched my first video, and boy, I have been changed ever since; long hair to short hair. I could see that as time goes as I have gained my confidence slowly in signing in the front of webcam! I am not sign smoother, like some Deaf people are, but I sign better and clearer than I started for the videos area.

There were several commenter's and v/bloggers giving me supports to keep up with my v/blog. I am indebted for their believing in my v/blog. I am appreciated with them.
Also, I met a few vloggers along. They were Ron Fenicle at ASL Expo, Tar, did you know that Tar is tall and beautiful guy!?? also at ASL Expo, and Ella Lentz at workshop. It was surreal to meet them in persons. I am glad I met them, and chat with them.

I gained friendships through Also, I gained Facebook from DeafRead. I have a luxury address book (Facebook) that I could contact my friends anytime. Much easier than your own address or e-addresses book, which might need to be up to date periodically.

I witnessed a few historical events through They are Better Deaf President events at Gallaudet University, Deaf Bilingual Coalition organization, the Deaf people becoming choosy over how to run, and the subject, Deafhood, becoming familiar among Deaf homes. The growth of using the Internet with DeafRead such as Deaf Mobile through my blackberry pager, Deafchat, and I am also indebted to Deafread for the socialization expanding. DeafRead gave me confidence than I was a year ago! That is a matter of fact! ILY, bye-bye.

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Friday, May 30, 2008

Refreshening Deaf VIPs or Locals Encounters

Edited and Updated from March 2008

Refreshening means to stimulate (the memory). Deaf means, of course, Deaf people who are considered themselves as anything that identity their self as Deaf people. Encounter means a meeting with a person or thing, esp. a casual, unexpected, or brief meeting.
Refreshening Deaf Encounters.

After we met a lot of Deaf people at certain places, like Gallaudet University, NTID, CSUN, NAD conventions, Deaf conferences, Deaf schools, Deaf camps, now Deafread and other blogspheres, you name it, it is ALWAYS refreshening encounters with the Deaf people you met at certain place in the past and in the present. Even though you do not know this person enough, you always feel that you connect to this person in a way or you can find something to talk with based on the experience you had with this person. Regardless it be, it has been nice to feel connected with this Deaf person.

A while ago, I encountered with a mildly Deaf lady who was not involved with Deaf community for a long while. This lady attended Deaf program in public school in the past, but we connected regardless. We understood each other and our needs. That was something special about this thing that I did not feel connected with regular hearing people. Only that when those hearing people who have been with Deaf people one way or other, like using ASL with Deaf people, or working with Deaf people tend to understand us pretty good.

Again, when there are Deaf vips among us, we get the opportunity to meet them. We too feel honored that we are able to meet those Deaf vips, like MM, BB, Glen Anderson, Ella Lentz, and others. They are well known people. Still, we have connection with them in a way or another. You see, if you compare this with the famous hearing people, you get rarer opportunity to even meet them. Whatever you get to know or learn about this Deaf vip through reading books, watching videos or dvds, discussing with Deaf people, you would feel good by meeting this Deaf vip, knowing a bit about this person. The Deaf vips would be appreciated by being informed how you got to know about them, I am sure about that!

Oh, let me tell a short funny story about one Deaf vip, Linda Bove. This lady worked for Sesame Street program for several years. She did a lot for media, tho. Okay, when my friends agreed to hold the spot for me while I was doing something else before I came to them, I joined them in the line at the restaurant while attending NAD convention. My friends introduced the couple to me as Mr and Mrs Bove. I came to realize that they were connected to Linda Bove. I asked for that, and they responded that they were the parents of Linda. After asked my friend whether she knew about Linda Bove or not, I explained a bit to her about Linda. Somehow, I began to notice Linda and her husband standing behind her parents. They looked at me as if I were crazy enough not to notice them. I yelped at this situation, and then laughed a lot at this situation. After we were seating down at table, I saw Linda's husband was laughing at me as he passed our table. I felt blushed, but I guess they needed a good laugh as well.

So, it is so nice feeling to connect to any Deaf person; vips or locals.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Me? Hearing Person??

6.21 minutes long video (retake at 1230pm 05/12/08)

Hi, ASLpride just mentioned that he was mistakenly identified as a hearing person. Where is ASLpride?? Anyway, it was a funny story. Go to this link, if you missed his story. I would like to share this with you. It is not only one time experience, but hundreds time, uh, no, thousands time, yeah.

It was no fun in the beginning. Whenever anyone asked me this question, I was feeling lousy. The questioner asked me whether I was hearing. I said no, I am Deaf. Then this questioner insisted that I really was hearing. I said, I am really Deaf. Still this questioner asked his or her friends to see if I were Deaf or hearing. Then if I had friends with me, I would ask him or her to tell this questioner and his or her friends that I am Deaf.

I was agonized every time I was being questioned whether I was Deaf or not. As time goes on, I grew to used to it. "Yep, me deaf." without any elaboration. Still some deaf people would like the full explanations, instead of "Yep, me deaf." It all depends on my willingness to explain, lol!

My very first experience was occurred on NTID campus during my first year after deaf school! It was in the middle of the winter. I was standing in the tunnel, waiting for the elevator to come open. I was standing next to a few Deaf people. I was standing quietly, cuz I did not know those Deaf people. One Deaf guy began to chat with the other Deaf individuals. I looked at the conversation. I realized I knew that guy a little, and I began to chat a bit with this guy and the group. A few minutes later, one person looked at me, as if something is not right. This girl asked me whether I was hearing. I was stricken, like a bat strike on my face. "Me? Hearing Person?? uh, no, I am Deaf." This person did not believe that I was Deaf at all. The group agreed with her. I was dumbfound. I responded back, I am DEAF!! Then the elevator came open, and the conversation was ended. I went into the elevator and was standing before the closed elevator doors, shocked at this situation.

At Gallaudet University, once a long while, I was asked by students; not only they being Deaf, they were not from Deaf families... I do not know what Deaf characteristic they were looking for, but obviously I did not provide them any Deaf characteristic. Then into the career world, I was continuously asked whether I was Deaf or not. It depended on what kind of people I was working with. Now, I am a stay at home mom, and I still get those questions whether I am Deaf or not. I do not know why I am "hearing" to some newly met Deaf people.

Isn't it interesting how things are being twisted in either way with Deaf communities?

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big Eyes!!


See this glued sand thing that has two big eyes?? See that this thing has a small ear, and small mouth? And small nose?? See what it is on the back? Now you see the whole thing here...

Let me tell you the story about this thing. I was fourteen years old and I was in 8th grade. I went to the art class. All were hearing; it was hearing school. The teacher asked us to sculpt anything on this glued sand thing. We were asked to be creative with it. I looked at the students what they did with their glued sand things. I was thinking... Then I decided to crave the shapes of eyes. I was in the mood for craving the eyes. Big eyes, yeah. Some students asked me about the nose, ears and or mouth that needs to be on this thing. Oh, yeah, I put up small shapes of nose, ears and mouth. I barely got by putting what is leftover on the thing. I felt the big eyes were important to me, anyhow. I completed with this project.

Years, and years passing on, I looked and looked, and studied at this thing, and I came to realize about this thing. Whoa!! Let me show you this. Those two big eyes. I am sure you have some good common senses what I am trying to say here, but here I have the value in the eyes! I am DEAF. I use eyes for everything. I had to look around a lot. Ears, nose and mouth are not that important to me! Isn't it amazing how my fourteen years old mind expressing this?? The value is the EYES! Yeah!!

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

P.S. I just showed my eight years old daughter this message, and she exclaimed "YOU MADE THIS THING???" right, ha, ha...

Friday, April 25, 2008

My Deafread Tidbits 4/27/08

My DeafRead Tidbits April 27, 2008

Let me throw out a few subjects here and review them with you. Okay, thanks.

*Note* I do not transcript completely. I just brief the message at least. Thanks.

Emergency and Excuse = same sign message set up a while ago... The message was to focus on the mixed up communication. However, some people gave good suggestions what to do about this sign. I did my part by telling those local people that the sign was not proper. My co-workers also were from Gallaudet and they were not comfortable with that sign, too. The local people told me to leave the sign alone, because they use this sign for many years. I am asking ASL professors what we can do about that? Can you comment on this by responding to my question: what can I do if Deaf signers refuse to change the sign? Do it on your v/blogs, smile. I'd appreciate that!

Domestic Violence and Deaf People message set up a while ago... I had guts to tell the Deaf community. I was wondering whether it was worth my time for telling or not. After I got a lot of comments, not only DeafRead, but others, I was glad that I did my job. Here is the copy of rights of relationship for your reference. For your consideration of relationship possible to improve, or anything that can benefit you... You can highlight this part, and copy it and paste it on your window works word processor. Best I can do for ya!!

Basic Rights in a Relationship:

* The right to emotional support.

* The right to be heard by the other and to be responded to with courtesy.

* The right to have your own point of view, even if it differs from your partner's.

* The right to have your feelings and experiences acknowledged as real.

* The right to live free from accusation and blame.

* The right to live free from criticism and judgment.

* The right to live free from emotional and physical threat.

* The right to live free from angry outbursts and rage.

* The right to be respectfully asked, rather than ordered.

DeafRead's new, not yet coming out, Deafside. I think it is worth it. I am looking forward to this. I am excited all about it.

Now, about DeafRead's customized feature, I did customize my DeafRead to my preferences. I admit it....then I realized that some DR readers would also remove my v/blog to the unwanted list. I do not mind that, but I wonder what if they might be willing to read my v/blog by chance, if it were not for the customized feature. I see the conflict here. This is my reaction about the customized feature. So, I just better let you know about this.

My v/blog has not been one year yet, but I feel like I have been here for long time now. I guess it is all for now.

butterfly, like me...Deaf

Thursday, April 17, 2008

ASL Verison: Think Globally, Act Locally...How? My suggestion

Here is the video for you who prefer to watch instead of read the transcript. :D


Go to the link for the transcript.

Thank you, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Think Globally; Act Locally....How? My Suggestion

I want to thank Joey Baer for bringing the subject, "Think Globally; Act Locally." I handwave for him. My suggestion for "Think Globally; Act Locally" is, of course, two things: leadership training and organization training. :D

NAD just completed the leadership training as, our Deafread editor, Tayler Mayer mentioned a while ago. Now, I was wondering how often NAD provides the leadership trainings per year. So, I have checked NAD's website, and only it said one location. Just one location this year so far. I saw the sponsors listed for this training. So, I am impressed that this training is costing everyone, both sponsors and attendees. I am sure that the attendees also paid for the conference, right?

We need to study this and figure out what we can do for our Deaf Community. Remember the term, Deafhood?? Smile, so, we need to figure out each detail, each subject, and each situation. If not study each situation, then we would do the same as before, like indifference or apathy.

See, the only one location NAD was able to provide the training for the year of 2008. I am sure through this training NAD was able to spread the empowerment to the attendees, and I hope the attendees could be able to spread their lessons to their Deaf locals. The state associations of NAD would provide the leadership trainings this year, I surely hope so, because I do not recall mine, either at NAD conferences or state association conferences, hmmm. If so, tell me which year it was, ok? Maybe not during my times?? The conclusion for this is to train more locals around the United States.

Organization training is an essential tool for the Deaf communities. Seriously, I had witnessed one organization got messed up because of too many green thumbs or newly experienced members. They had college degrees. Just that having college degrees does not mean they were experienced, if they did not even participate in any organization during college times, or afterwards. So, providing the organization training is necessary! Or those Deaf potential leaders who may never attend any organization. Robert's Rules of Order is an excellent way to develop their organization skills, BUT they need someone who have experiences and who can give them some guides how to run the organizations.

That was my two cents, smile.

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

UP TO DATE: 04/17. at 10:50am EST

One commenter below made sure that followers are important part of team. I agree 100% with her. I am sorry I did not even mentioned this recently. Still, those followers who do not want or need leadership trainings SHOULD have organization trainings to run properly in organizations. Ok? Thank you, deafk

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Alert: We Need Agency, Committee Or Representative!


I share my concern about this title. I have noticed that something has not happening, none. No action has been taken, or very little. What? It is the agency, committee, or representative that take care of the system, ADA, Department of Civil Rights, EEO, lawyers, and others. This position would take responsibilities of this system.

I was watching the video in DeafVideo.TV about not able to get through with ADA or Dept of Civil Rights and not know what to do about this. The letter told this vlogger to contact the lawyer. It was an insult, because this person is Deaf. The lawyer costs and Deaf people do not have money. I came to realize that I was there, too. I have contact Division on Deafness Department. This department asked me to contact the lawyer. Then I contacted the lawyer(s), and they declined. Then Department of Civil Rights suggested that someone return to the employment with an education and reprimand. This person did not want to go back to the employment, saying this situation became uncomfortable. I have heard from another Deaf people that returned to their employment with the help of DCR, and their situation got worsened. DCR said, then that is too bad. What is that? Looking at the situations, the system failed us.

So, the agency, the committee or representative can take the underground works, small conflicts, and complaints. The position can correct the situations. They can give warning. Something can be done. This is my concern!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

And What Did I Do for This Sign?; A Very Good Tip For Deaf National Organization

Recently I posted a video about two words and same sign. This two words = one sign created confusion. I signed the story as it was, but I did not say my preference of signs for the two words, nor whether I still work there or not. My preference of signs of course are different from what I had to sign in that location, and I no longer worked there. I was advised to educate the Deaf locals. Yes, I did, and I was told to leave the sign alone.

Okay, I want to mention what we can do for some Deaf people who refuses to change the sign they use for many years. "Leave it alone" rings over and over all over the USA. I am sure the ASL professors has something to say about this. Perhaps write sign this issue on their v/blog?

A Very Good Tip for Deaf Organizations!! Here is the video below:


Okay, this video shows a Deaf guy named Melvin from California who communicates very well. His youtube name is Change4Deaf. He explained how we can strength our group as Deaf and Hard of Hearing group to represent ourselves to the Capitol's senators, house of representatives, and the President(s). Very good tip.

Now, I was thinking about how to strength our Deaf rights, as I have mentioned earlier in my v/blog messages. Like a new national organization... Maybe DBC Plus? DBC Plus, why? Not only for Deaf babies, BUT for the rest of us. ;D Anyway, we could use DBC (Plus) to represent us???? If so, we could discuss with DBC and make strategies how to do so. In Wisconsin this summer, we could arrange the time to discuss further with DBC? It all depends on you! Or NAD, perhaps, up to you...

We need the new or, better yet, open thinkers who are not afraid to express what they need for the change. We need the change to better our lives. Recently, Vpads, and newer blackberry pager with gps are the example for the better technology of the Deaf. So, we desparately need our human rights to be improved. Our human rights need to be advanced like technology of the Deaf!!

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Emergency" & "Excuse" = Same Sign in One Location

"Emergency" and "Excuse" = same sign in one location. True biz, caused confusion!!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

ASL Version of Domestic Violence and Deaf People

Here is the video for you who prefers to watch over to read, smile!

Go to this link for the transcript!

Update! Janauary 18, 2010: Deafhope is trying to collect the vote, and is needing our help to vote. Chase Community Giving group in Facebook is giving 1 million dollars to the most votes.

Here is the description:

One must be Fan first then get 5 free votes. On Facebook, please follow the link below: Accept Application... Become a fan and VOTE. One million dollars will increase staff to full time hours and allocate a portion to our Capital Campaign, building a Deaf shelter designed to support and empower survivors. Our Deaf Space Safe House will be the only of its kind in the United States!Additional information about DeafHope's services and our Big Idea for $1 million on Facebook page: Please show your support for DeafHope. Vote NOW!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Domestic Violence and Deaf people

Hi, folks,

Domestic violence experiences at some homes. This subject is the least talked about subject, especially among the Deaf communities. Why mention this? I had experienced domestic violence and it led me to file for a divorce. Also, I just witnessed someone else's experience. So, this prompted me to do this blog message. I thought I probably share this with you, not about myself, but about the people I had encountered with recently. No names mentioned for the security reasons, of course.

I went to the shelter with my kids. I felt relieved from the home situation. I did not expect the stress, nor the arguments, like I usually did at home. I felt free. At nights, I slept peacefully without any worries or negative feelings.

At the shelter, people get support. People get a place to stay and sleep. They do not have to worry about budget for hotel or staying at friend's or relatives' homes with an expectation of doing the best there. They do not have to be worried whether the spouse might show up and cause the problems at home...

Anyway, I want to mention a few interesting points here that domestic violence can happen to anyone. I am a social worker, and it happened to me. The judge showed up at the shelter and she shared her experience with us that she, too, was a victim to domestic violence while she was a lawyer, and her husband was a policeman.

There are some serious stories at shelter. For example, one lady showed up after being beaten three months ago, and she was hospitalized for three months. She had broken collarbone, two ribs and ankle. She filed for a divorce after this incident.

Another story: one guy showed up at the shelter. His lover beat him so badly that he ended up at hospital. This guy does not have a job, and a home. So, he needs some help to start over by finding a new job and a new home. The shelter helps him out.

How about this story: one lady did not experience severe situations like this, but experienced considerably bothersome unavoidable situation that she needed some space for herself. She was stressed out badly that she needed a place away from her ex-husband. The shelter provided much needed support and peace that she wasn't able to get at home. .

One more story: one deaf girl was beaten by her ex-husband by smashing the hearing aid on her head. The part of skull is damaged, and the cochlear is gone. She cannot hear anything on her damaged ear.

Again, this does not limit to women and gays, but to men. I know a few Deaf men that have experienced the domestic violence.

So, I can list some more like this. However, I'd like to add this information to this.

Basic Rights in a Relationship:

* The right to emotional support.

* The right to be heard by the other and to be responded to with courtesy.

* The right to have your own point of view, even if it differs from your partner's.

* The right to have your feelings and experiences acknowledged as real.

* The right to live free from accusation and blame.

* The right to live free from criticism and judgment.

* The right to live free from emotional and physical threat.

* The right to live free from angry outbursts and rage.

* The right to be respectfully asked, rather than ordered.

Again, it depends on how you view on your relationship. Some can be tolerated, while another can be uncomfortable.

Thank you, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Up to date:

One commenter mentioned an unfinished project, like the need to completing the house. This hit me this spot, because I postponed the file for divorce, due to unfinished project, like an addition of mine. I feel I could have done earlier if it were not for the addition. So, do not let anything stop you from filing for the divorce, IF you are experiencing the unpleasant situation.

Thank you, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Challenge You Guys, Native ASL Users

Yes, you, the Native ASL Users! I challenge you! I have questions for you. I have this suspicions ever since I noticed it myself.

Icthus Deafies brought an interesting pointview on the language, "Questions and Thinking about Language." He made me think and review on this, because I had this quest on myself for a long time.

Now, I am ready to ask you Deaf guys who born to Deaf parents! You ready? :D

Okay, here it is. Since you acquired the language at birth, you were able to express freely in the language. You understand the translation of languages, because of experiencing the translations at early age too. Am I right on the track?

Now, the question is:

"Do you understand the interpreters better than the general Deaf population?"

Or, better yet, "Do you understand the languages better than the general Deaf population?"

I have witnessed this from time to time. Gee, for example, in my graduate classes, I had this Deaf peer from Deaf family. We used the interpreters all the time with our classes. I understood most of the interpreters. It just happened that we got one interpreter that I could not get information from myself. In the beginning of the course, I actually dozed off on and off, especially with this interpreter in the difficult course. I came to realize how concerned I was about understanding the whole course. I began to study this Deaf peer to see whether this person could understand this interpreter. This student did! Oh, my goodness! I studied this again the next time. Yes, this person ACTUALLY did! Ohhhhhh, I am in serious trouble, I told myself! So, I had to ask this peer how this person could understand this interpreter. This student said, this person only paid attention to the grammar of English, or the concept of the lecture. I was signless (speechless). Then I expressed my frustration to the interpreter about not able to get the information from her. She was glad to help me out with that. So, we were the team altogether. I even took a picture of them, I guess, based on the experience I learned a great deal from.

Again, at Gallaudet University, I was ended up in a course with a lot of Deaf students that were from Deaf families. This professor was hearing, but had an intelligence that those Deaf students were appreciating with. I TRIED to understand this professor, but his signing were SO bad! I was impressed that they understood this professor. Looked like the same thing about focusing on the grammar of English or the concept of the lecture, like my graduate peer's.

So, you Deaf Native ASL Users! Yes or No? :D

Thank you, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

IEPs and Deaf Professionals

I have to agree with Carl S.'s message about IEP, Parents and CI kids and Ron's Me-Deaf-Yes vlog's recently message about IEP, CI, and Deaf Teachers. I want to mention that there is a vast of grey area of how to work with Deaf students.

One time I had to deal with the teacher for the deaf in the Deaf program in hearing school. This hearing lady was telling the Deaf students what to expect to live out of the school. She even told one Deaf student that he cannot be able to go to even a community college. To me, this student may be an average Deaf person, but why hinder him at all? Where is the hope? Isn't the hope considered the carrot tied on the string and the string tied on the stick and holding the stick with carrot in the front of a donkey to make this donkey moving on? I ended up telling him that he needs to believe in himself what he can do for himself while the teacher was busy teaching someone else. It was an unbearable sight for me. This student had only this one teacher that worked with the Deaf students. Only his "main role model." And she was stinky!

IEPs has a long way. People participating in IEPs complained about so many issues that they did not feel comfortable seeing how things were made in IEPs, especially in Deaf programs in hearing schools. I was informed how things went. The students names were not mentioned anyhow.

That is why I was asking for the Deaf rights law to be established. The national law is much needed. Again, another Deaf committee or Deaf organization might be the key to strength the Deaf rights and to get the law and other laws, related to Deaf people's needs, passed. The Deaf rights law will help setting up the standard expectation of the Deaf students, and the standard guideline for the professionals, and of course, the parents.

Thank you. Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Choosing a Deaf baby is criminal" wrote Daniel Finkelstein!!

Hi, since you guys are interested in something you would like to read about, I looked around, and found an article that I should share with you. Tomato Lichy was mentioned here in this article. I thought I better reveal this with you, I mean, I would not even bother to collect the information if it were not like this... I think it is serious subject that you guys should pay attention to.

"Choosing a deaf baby is criminal" written by Daniel Finkelstein. He lives in England. He is not even agreeing that the embryo omission is eugenic. His description on this is rather alarmingly dangerous, in my opinion.

Thank you, deafk

Deaf. Deafie. Deafies. Mildly Deaf. Medium Deaf. Sereve Deaf. Profound Deaf. Deafened. Deaf.

Monday, March 10, 2008

DPN20 Stories Collection of V/Bloggers And Readers


After writing a chronicle of my experience with DPN, I began to notice there were several awesome DPN stories of v/bloggers. I thought why not collect all those v/bloggers that actively involved in DPN, attended to DPN, or witnessed the DPN events. Just us, the group, including the readers. I am pretty sure that the readers have wonderful stories that they would like to share with, but do not have v/blogs yet. The readers can email their stories to me at V/bloggers can email, too.

If I collect plenty of the DPN stories from, I can find a way to get them together, and publish them in a book. Should a story need an editing, I cheerily would contact that person that wrote the story, and discuss how the story be edited. It may take time, but it will be worthwhile!

Should there are a lot of you that are in favor for this, I would go further and discuss more. I would make a plan and a deadline establishment.

I have a desire for this. I hope you like this idea, and want this idea into a project!! :D

Thank you so much, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Friday, March 7, 2008

Honoring DPN20; my personal experience.

Finally, I got the time to do so. I gotta mention a few things that may be different from another v/bloggers.

First of all, I was in rally a few times to give my support to the idea of getting a new president that was Deaf. At the rallies, the persons were exclaiming that having Deaf president was overdue. We even went to the one of MSSD's buildings to give our rarrahs to the committee of Board and Trustee. I recalled the walking on the circle in the front of the MSSD's building.

When it came to the announcement of the selected one's name, I was readily prepped to expecting having the Deaf president, because considering the higher credits of Deaf candidates. When I walked to the gym with a friend, we looked at the bared trees with white stripes. We looked at each other, and said, "what was that?" As we came closer and closer, we saw toilet papers swaying on the bared branches. We were puzzled why the toilet papers even ended up there. Then we came across to the gym. We saw the group, agonizing, and looking disappointed. We then looked at the announced papers burning.

One professor picked up one of the burned papers, and said "It was Zinser!" Then he threw it down, and walked toward to the front of Gallaudet University's campus. He told us that there is going on on the street, and we ought go there. We went there, and we were dumbfounded when we saw a large group sitting on the street. The city policemen were re-directing the automobiles to different direction. We joined the group. After that, I got involved that I forgot all about this friend. I did not know where this person went afterwhile. I joined sitting the group. A while later, the group had made a historical decision! We decided to make a march toward to the Capitol, but a group dividing toward to the hotel where the committee of Board and Trustee were staying for night. Those group who ended up at Capitol which was closed at the night decided that we kept up marching toward the hotel. I was in that group that went to Capitol and then the hotel.

When arrived the hotel, there were people giving the audience the cheers, and rarrahs. They were waiting for the chairperson of Board and Trustee to come out and discuss with us. Finally, the lady, named Spillman, came out and announced the infamous line, "the Deaf people are NOT ready to FUNCTION in the HEARING world." This line shook us greatly! We objected all about that, and went back marching to Gallaudet. Then the group informed us to be prepared for the lockout in the morning.

The flashing lights came in for getting our attention and participation. We saw that the buildings were closed with chains and lockpads. We went to the front of Gallaudet University for the lockout. We were excited all about this. We felt empowered at last. We felt united for our Deafhood.

We went to the old gym for meetings at nights. The four leaders kept informing us what to expect. We gave them feedback what we could do for the lockouts and demands. We got the plans for the next day. We went back to our dorms. There was no homework. No classes.

During days, there were different people announcing what we could do next. The four leaders did the announcements a lot. One leader was representing the Student Body Government, and this leader was in the center of attention by media... Another leader was former SBG president, and this leader was helping this SBG president out meanwhile. Another leader was able to speak clearly and loudly. We heard this leader very well. Lastly another leader gave us inspiration, and motivation.

I wanted to mention that I contributed a very small thing, but an influential one. I went to one of those four leaders, and showed this leader the sign where I got from my circle of friends. The sign for Sinner sounded like Zinser. This leader liked it, and spread it far and wide. I saw this sign all over. "Sinner, out."

Anyway, when we won the sweet victory, and we got the Deaf president, we celebrated like those people who got excited for their football team winning the game. We danced, and cheered!

After this victory, I went to Boston to be with my sister. She took me to her volunteering party. I met all those hearing ladies. We chatted a bit. Sister interpreted for me. Then sister announced to those ladies that I just got here from Galladuet University. All of the ladies looked at me, and applauded for a few minutes. I nodded back, and smiled. It was a great feeling! :)

That's my highlight moments at DPN events.

Thanks, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What is he? Mild Deaf? Not?

Hi, this is about my son. I decided not to type the transcript this time. If you wish to know, please let me know and I will figure out, ok, thanks.

After reading Ridor's article about his not willing to watch any videos, I decided to type the transcript after all.

I am trying to summarize what I have signed in my video. I wanted to talk about my son. He has Down's syndrome. He is smart, funny and alert in whatever he does. He is now 5 years old. Now, guess what what subject I have been struggled lately ... it is the hearing problem or issue. Ever since his birth to present, I have dealt with his language development. I noticed that he is an audio-based learner, not a visual-based learner. I have dealt harder with his speech, than I did with my girls. I am Deaf myself. So, I get confused how to do the speech with him and his condition.

His children doctor did the air pressure equipment to test his ears for any fluid left in the middle ears. Doctor did that ever since he was baby to present. He gave concerned looks about son's ears condition. Doctor does not feel right about this, either son's ears being infected or not. He encouraged me to go for the hearing testing clinic. We went there when son was 3 years old. The test came negative. I reported this to the doctor. He gave a concerned look. The doctor kept up giving the air pressure equipment for fluid check, and the outcome were not good.

I asked for his referral instead, and we went to the referred place. The audiologist determined that my son has about 50 dB. I looked back and realized that I tend to use stronger voice for my son. I used the regular voice with my girls when calling. When rebelled, I would use more firm voice with girls. When son rebels, I would come to him, and get him and bring him to the place. 50 dB, hmmm. That makes senses. Tough situation. Based on his doctor repeating the air pressure equipment showing bad results, I decided to identity my son mild deaf. Even though my son is referred to ENT doctor for any clarification or cleaning his middle ears' infection if any and , I would still make a plan to place my son in the deaf school.

It is not easy to identify his hearing level. It is something else! Even I asked for tubing in his eardrum, I ended up with the concerned looks! I compared him with the other peers with Down's syndrome. The peers response better than my son. My son responses a little different.

I am sure you have experiences such like this...all over the country. I'm appreciated for any feedback from you.

Five years experience on this situation, whoa!

Thank you, b-deaf

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Now, Would AG Bell be there, for sure?

I think I have improved the video quality. Please give me feedback in the comment about the video quality, thanks.

Think about it...DeafRead bloggers and vloggers wrote a lot about AG Bell conference in Wisconsin a lot. They wrote about going there a lot. They even mentioned "see you there!" Also, mentioned how support they are for Deaf Bilingual Center. Oh, yes, I support DBC. I handwave to them.

Now, everyone is talking about this. Do you really think AG Bell not read our conversations in DeafRead? I think they do read DeafRead, and it is possible that they make plans to move another place secretly. Or, maybe make plan B, if they are staying the same place. Who knows what would happen there, but it is possible that the conference may be relocated. Do you get the message? I am concerned about that. Conversations are open in the public. Anyone can read the message.

Perhaps consider what you feel to do something about this. Thank you.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Me? Hearing Person??

7.12 minutes long video

Hi, ASLpride just mentioned that he was mistakenly identified as a hearing person. Where is ASLpride?? Anyway, it was a funny story. Go to this link, if you missed his story. I would like to share this with you. It is not only one time experience, but hundreds time, uh, no, thousands time, yeah.

It was no fun in the beginning. Whenever anyone asked me this question, I was feeling lousy. The questioner asked me whether I was hearing. I said no, I am Deaf. Then this questioner insisted that I really was hearing. I said, I am really Deaf. Still this questioner asked his or her friends to see if I were Deaf or hearing. Then if I had friends with me, I would ask him or her to tell this questioner and his or her friends that I am Deaf.

I was agonized every time I was being questioned whether I was Deaf or not. As time goes on, I grew to used to it. "Yep, me deaf." without any elaboration. Still some deaf people would like the full explanations, instead of "Yep, me deaf." It all depends on my willingness to explain, lol!

My very first experience was occurred on NTID campus during my first year after deaf school! It was in the middle of the winter. I was standing in the tunnel, waiting for the elevator to come open. I was standing next to a few Deaf people. I was standing quietly, cuz I did not know those Deaf people. One Deaf guy began to chat with the other Deaf individuals. I looked at the conversation. I realized I knew that guy a little, and I began to chat a bit with this guy and the group. A few minutes later, one person looked at me, as if something is not right. This girl asked me whether I was hearing. I was stricken, like a bat strike on my face. "Me? Hearing Person?? uh, no, I am Deaf." This person did not believe that I was Deaf at all. The group agreed with her. I was dumbfound. I responded back, I am DEAF!! Then the elevator came open, and the conversation was ended. I went into the elevator and was standing before the closed elevator doors, shocked at this situation.

At Gallaudet University, once a long while, I was asked by students; not only they being Deaf, they were not from Deaf families... I do not know what Deaf characteristic they were looking for, but obviously I did not provide them any Deaf characteristic. Then into the career world, I was continuously asked whether I was Deaf or not. It depended on what kind of people I was working with. Now, I am a stay at home mom, and I still get those questions whether I am Deaf or not. I do not know why I am "hearing" to some newly met Deaf people.

Isn't it interesting how things are being twisted in either way with Deaf communities?

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My DeafRead Tidbits 02/17/08

I am changing my approach on signing ASL. Ever since I typed up the transcript, and put it up on computer screen, I glanced and glanced at transcript while I signed. I admit, guilty as charged. Now, I am changing this approach by signing the story, and typing up the transcript. This is new experience for me... So, let us see how things go.

I got a new haircut. New look again. Really an accident was occurring. It was a little miscommunication between me and the hairstyler. I accept this mistake. Hey, look at the new look, smile!

Now, the Deafolouge, DeafRead's new feature is here. I am not familiar with it. It is a new thing for me. DeafRead has four things going on, DeafRead blogroll, DeafVideo.TV, Deafologue, and possible Live Chat channel, like Y! There is hot talking going on about Live Chat channel. Looks like I will join the Live Chat channel someday. Interesting, these things are growing. Obviously, Tayler is making things growing, different features relating to computers, internets, communication, and American Sign Language.

I would like to see the post set up in the right side of If any new feature set up, this post perm anted would be announced for a month or maybe, a week. So that the readers, like us, could catch the updated information.

Live Chat Channel. I have checked Tayler's. I missed the night live before, but there was leftover, like people chatting on four squares. This made me wonder what it would be. Let us hope things work out for all of us!!

I enjoyed the information about Steak and Shakes. I know it is an old news, but I was impressed with Karen and her efforts of spreading the new among us. Karen spreaded the updated information about Steak and Shakes and the order at window. Then the information about media involving the story. Then the meetings with restaurants owners or administers. I am impressed with the information and story that are shared with us. I would like to see the incidents, the different issues, similar to this Steak and Shakes situation, to be shared with us. So, these issues could be spreaded among the readers. That gives us motivated to participate and give the feedbacks on those information. It is real nice.

I noticed that there's a huge controversialism over the terms of Aslan and Amerslan. I understand those words are spelling similar that stirs some Deaf people to complain or concern. ASLpride vlogger is trying to present the idea and is spreading the idea. I like the concept of his. ASL users is for anyone, really. Using American Sign Language is not only limited to Deaf people, but to anyone else. It is that reason! (Adian, is that "that" what you were referring?? grinning!) The term can be used for researches, statistics, financial, and many purposes. I think it is good idea to identity us as ASL users. Instead of Deaf community alone, Deaf community, Deaf power!, ASL users numbers is way larger than the Deaf community. We need to look at this concepts. I like the idea. The new term, Aslan, sounds great. It all depends on you, the Deaf people, with that word. Maybe the different word that is more appealing.

Now, NAD, I think, may work among us, the v/bloggers. Still, I could see some Deaf people resist NAD, and are not comfortable with NAD. I understand their concerns about NAD all talk, not action. They were not happy with the word, "membership." I have suggested they get the informal v/blog just recently. NAD needs time to do so, and it is really their choice. The point here is I would like to see a national organization for strengthening the bills, the laws of the Deaf and its likes. Instead of the talks and the written letters to show the world are the answers? I do not know. I was thinking of toils and sweats of doing the hard works. I understand it takes money involved, the time involved, the writings to set up the organization, I understand... Still, oh, well. I support NAD, yes. I support DBC. I support, yes, DeafRead, of course!!

It is all for now. I am curious about your feedbacks on this ASL approach, and information. I am sure you like this approach better, but let us see..

Thank you, b-deaf