Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tidbits 09/23/2008

Yes, I have gone blondie... It is for fun. I do not know whether I ought keep up with blondie color... Not sure if it is my thing, hee.

Bernard Bragg, Tar, Deafchip, Chuck Baird; all from DeafRead, Peter Cook, Rosa Lee, Mindy Moore, Camille; all entertaining people, a few friends that has FB were at Deaf Art Festival event. All at once on the same place, whoa! DAF was held by De Sale Center and DAF committee. It is held bi-annually in Brooklyn, Michigan. Okay, I wanted to mention this that I have seen them, and chatted a bit with a few at Deaf Art Festival (DAF). I felt connected with them more after experiencing them with DeafRead and Facebook. Some DR asked me to come back to DeafRead. I agreed to go back, because it was so good to see them. It has been a month since I did any v/blog for DeafRead.

In Facebook, I enjoyed being the cheering rah FB person for his or her chosen NFL football team. It is something that DeafRead nor DVTV cannot compete with. Videos are not practiced in FB much, still it is presented differently than what videos are presented here on DeafRead and DVTV... Both are good, tho.

Did you watch the Olson Brothers show recently? It was all about Presidency election. Boy, it was really tough to elect on any person. Go and click here!! Hilarious!

I had an interesting view on special education at public school today. Of course, Casey's kindergarten teacher is concerned all about Casey's delayed performance, even though he is catching up a lot lately. His teacher recommended me to see the special education class, and yet she showed up after a meeting occurring at that school. I was impressed with her that she wanted to see that class with me. After the visit, we decided that this class was not benefit for Casey, due to emotion impaired and immature behaviors. The teacher felt bad after seeing this. I refused to let Casey go there, due to be easily influenced. He would pick the nasty behavior and he would not let it go til all the kids are done with that behavior, lol. That is his condition. We agreed for one on one aide for Casey. I do not know whether it is a good idea, and yet we go ahead with this and see from there. Casey's situation is tough, due to his mildly condition.

I start to look for a full-time employment. I do not haste anything right now, but eventually I would like to work one day soon. That means the reduction of v/blog performance. I will do the v/blog, but not much as I used to this year, or even more last year.

Okay, thank you,

Butterfly, like me...Deaf