Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Controversal Issues Regarding to Deafized Way with Driving

The driving is designed for Hearing. Music or radio comes in handy. We need to adapt our Deaf way to keep our minds busy. Any suggestion or idea is encouraged.

I bring up a controversial issue here. It is all about driving. What is going on with driving? Let me tell you about my background a bit. I was a chauffeur for the first three years. First year, one school, driving to drop daughter off, driving home, and then driving back to school to pick daughter up and bring her home. The second year, two different schools. Then the third year, three different schools, dropping each kid, driving back to home and then picking up them at different times, and then bringing them home three different times. Alas, wow, it surely took my time on the roads. Why three schools? one is special education school, one is public charter school, and last one is pre-school.

Anyway, to the driving issue, phew, it is not funny. Bus drivers, truck drivers and its likes have guts for driving a lot on the roads continually. Applaud for them!! Not for me..., you see, this year, I am done with being chauffeur. All kids go to school bus. I get them back here... It is all due to high cost of gas prices going up. I had to change my situation for the sake of finance. That is the major reason. Now, I want to mention this that I get distraught easily. I would read something on my wheel while I look on the roads.. I could not drive alone. I would like to keep my mind busy while I drive. It is not fair that Hearing people could keep themselves busy with music or radio.

There is a new law that does not allow pagers, cell phones or its likes on the hands. It has to be hand-free and be on the visor, or headset. Maybe videophone on the visor can be done for Deaf people. Deaf drivers can do that? Glancing and driving, not good idea...could stop at rest area or something like that. The point here is the eyes has to be on the roads. I understand it is important for the safety sake.

I ask you. I challenge you and the whole world, too. The listening to music is designed for the hearing people. H E A R I N G way. Where is the deaf way? We need to ADAPT to our situation. What is that? Okay, in the past, we have developed doorbell lighting, baby crying lighting, videophone, VRS, pagers like Sidekick pager, oh it is like champ!! Now, the next thing is driving. I am the mom who had a lot of drivings, whoa. I would like to do something on this. The challenge is a solution for keeping our minds busy. What? I would like to figure out what to do. Either you help me with this, or I work on this... Or, maybe, we could work out together.

Hmm? This could be a serious issue. Deaf drivers' minds need to be kept busy. Recently, not long ago, I was driving for an hour and half. On the way about fifteen minutes or twenty minutes, my eyes shut for no reasons. (maybe due to kids keeping me busy before we head for driving, and then my body needed to be rested.) I woke alertly, and worked hard to keep my eyes opened til I found a place to park my vehicle. I had to sleep a few minutes, and then off to drive. Oh, my goodness! It was like out of shape or practice for driving a long way. Now, to my point here, my mind needs to be alerted, and stay awake. I could not use the music. What else can I do?? Come on, do not do to us, be patience with the only music or radio. We need to do something. Be creative, and use your brain!! In the past, we did a lot to succeed ourselves with equipments, right? We can do it!! Yeah!! Come on!

Please leave feedback here, or bring the suggestion or idea to your vlog. Brainstorm as much as we can. We need to improve our driving issues. Yes, we are good, yeah excellent drivers ourselves. We need more! Get it?? Ok...

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Thank you, Kathleen

Friday, October 10, 2008

>Scary Stories< For Halloween...

I gave four scary stories for the sake of Halloween. Enjoy!! ;D

Thought that thing was haunted, but it really was...

That glowing in between!!

Scary Experience with Driving!

Another scary experience with Driving!

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My First Video, Then and Retake ~~ 10/09/08

Retake Video October 9, 2008~~ I repeated what I mentioned in my first video! :D

My first video October 5, 2007

Compare the first video, and compare the current video. See how I approach the video with more confidence than I did with my first video.

Thank you, DeafRead, for giving me the opportunities to be myself in the media field. I appreciate this very much. I just looked my first video, and I realized that I have come a long way. Wow...

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Have a good fall!!

Butterfly, like me...Deaf