Friday, October 30, 2009

An example of Twitter - NAD Leadership Training Conference's Hashtag: #NLTC Tweets

An example of NAD's Leadership Training Conference's tweets are shown below for your benefit. Hashtag is being used as #NLTC. You type #NLTC in the search engine, and #NTLC tweets come upon your page. Twitter is an awesome tool to spread the words among Deaf people. Even faster than anything else on some areas. I copied and pasted NAD LTC's tweets here. This is the second days conference out of four days conference. I do this to show an example for you. :) Anything can be used, any conference, business meetings, travels, organizations, entertainnment... and more.

njbnad: RT @NADtweets: NAD Nat'l Leadership Training Conference starts on Thursday this week! If you tweet about NLTC, please use hashtag: #nltc

shfz: Am giving a presentation at #nltc this Friday and Saturday titled "Leading Tweeps: Harnessing the Power of Social Media". It'll be fun!

CADYouth: Hiii!!!! Now we r roadtripping to Columbus, OH for National Leadership Training Conference 09 #nltc #deaf #leaders #ohio. -Mr D. CA

NADtweets: Who is going to the NLTC this weekend? Reply to @NADtweets with #nltc. Looking forward to the leadership workshops & great times!

LissetteMarie: is on her way to Columbus, Ohio for #NLTC. Looking forward to see everyone.

njbnad: @LissetteMarie NAD hq staff and DC area folks now headed to hotel! #nltc

njbnad: Those going to NAD Leadership Training Conference 2009 use #nltc and @NADtweets

michellelapides: just landed in columbus, ohio! now, en routeee to the conference center for #NLTC!

jaredev: Wish I were at the #NLTC conference.

jaredev: Saved a twitter search on #nltc and will be watching it.

NADtweets: #NLTC - When tweeting from #NLTC, please use hashtag #NLTC so others can follow the latest updates from the Conference!

Esposito2024: RIT student leaders enrouted to Columbus, OH for NAD Leadership Training Conference! #nltc #nad

NADtweets: We just discussed a host of issues at the regional caucuses including: new NAD CEO, HR 3101, 2008 Conference priorities, & more. #NLTC

CADYouth: It was awesome meeting all other representatives from the western regional at Caucus regional 4 mtg @ Hyatt conf room #nltc

CADYouth: Our current COO Shane Feldman introduced us 2 the current hot topic re: HR3101 n discussed on how can we (state assocs) do to help NAD #nltc

CADYouth: It's Sooo awesome to have Miss Deaf America Michelle Lapides and newly-appointed NAD Youth Director Allie Rice to come 2 meet us all! #nltc

CADYouth: Sean Gerlis made this clear that twitter rocks! Haha indeed, he is the tech guru of NAD. Encourages us to be technical savvy #nltc

CADYouth: Prepping for the Welcoming Ceremony tnt! #nltc

CADYouth: RT @michellelapides: just landed in columbus, ohio! now, en routeee to the conference center for #NLTC!

CADYouth: Me too! RT @jaredev: Wish I were at the #NLTC conference.

CADYouth: Bobbie Beth Scroggins is givin a cute pep talk to the #nltc attendees. So inspiring

CADYouth: Nancy Bloch on behalf of NAD thanking all outstanding staffers, sponsors and NAD supporters who made #NLTC a success to this start #nltc

CADYouth: Nancy Blochs praising our new NAD COO Shane Feldman. And #shfz is now assuring his love for NAD Congrats 2 him #nltc

CADYouth: NADs new appointed Youth Director Ms. Allie Rice is being intro-ed onto stage n stating her inspiring visionary for the program #nltc

jaredev: .@nadyouth has great tweets from #nltc

CADYouth: Nancy Bloch is now introducing to all wonderful presenters (of the #nltc workshops) Approx 10 of them, w such beneficial subjects to present

CADYouth: I spy @Netripized chatting with Mr. Lindsay Darnall Jr and others. Its nice to have other twitters around! #nltc

CADYouth: The keynote speaker Chris Wagner the VP of marketing (CSDVRS) inspired us 2 b proactive w using tools 2 b more effective w orgs n such #nltc

NADtweets: Opening ceremonies launched with inspirational stories from Chris Wagner & John Moore. Thnx to ZVRS 4 sponsoring the event! #NLTC

NADtweets: NAD Prez Bobbie Beth Scoggins: 3 rules for leaders 1) don't take it personally 2) thick skin 3) focus on issues 3) #NLTC

michellelapides: I'm enjoying watching @jasindia rock the platform with her workshop on "promoting diversity & sharing diverse viewpoints"! #nltc

michellelapides: and I'm sitting next to mr deaf california, @tommykorn! #nltc

CADYouth: @ first #nltc workshop: Promoting Diversity and Sharing Diverse Viewpoints. Presented by Shilpa Hanumantha.

Esposito2024: Miss Deaf America and Julie Rems-Smario talking about passion during a fundraising workshop #NLTC

CADYouth: "If we cannot end our differences now, at least we can help the world safe for diversity" -JFK (Shilpa Hanumanta) #nltc

CADYouth: Ubuntu- I am what I am because of who we all are and that is Ubuntu (Shilpa Hanumanta) #nltc

CADYouth: Our own dilemma s that we hate change + love it the sametime, what we realy want s 4 things 2 remain the same but get better -S Harris #nltc

CADYouth: Why Change? To change is necessary to remove the stigma and the perceptions of society abt Deaf people. (Darlene G.Z). #nltc

CADYouth: What's 'change Leadership' -see NEED 4 change, develop a PLAN, share VISION, undy FEAR, MOTIVATE/INSPIRE peep and CREATES change #nltc (DGZ)

CADYouth: Note 2 myself REVIEW the 8 Steps Process 4 LEADING SUCCESSFUL CHANGE (DCZ) Personal Mastery+Undy Complex Plbms+Making Change w 0thers #nltc

CADYouth: Now @ Luncheon..yummy salad n roast beef. At table w Julie Rems-Smario, @Rachykay @dansheartisinheart @esposito2024 and other leaders #nltc

CADYouth: Sipping Iced tea whike watching Keynote speaker Gertie Galloway making funny remarks, lightening up the room. Sharing her life stories #nltc

CADYouth: Gertie Galloway's explains how the use of technology had changed rapidly over the time within NAD communities. From papers to tweets #nltc

CADYouth: Gertie Galloway strongly urged us to pursue the further use of technology, and to be sure to pursue for the full accessibility within #nltc

CADYouth: And follow @nadtweets @kelbybrick @prutowski. And any more additional ( #nltc tweeps?). Add and follow!

CADYouth: Follow those #nltc leaders @tommykorn @shfz @esposito2024 @michellelapides @rachykay @netripized @tasada7 @michgerson @dansheartisinSF

CADYouth: Workshop session III: Running Healthy + Dynamic. Presented by our endearing well-known leader, Elizabeth "Libby" Pollard. #nltc

CADYouth: Now at the exciting workshop re: Leading Tweeps: Harnessing the Power of Social Media by @shfz Shane Feldman #nltc

CADYouth: "If you want to lead, blog..." (Shane Feldman @shfz) #nltc

CADYouth: "Some people tell me my thought leadership has declined as I've blogged less." -Robert Scoble (who twitters more now ) hahaaa. (@shfz #nltc)

Esposito2024: Shane Feldman, COO of NAD, @shfz presenting an awesome program on the power of social networking! Makes me proud to know him :) #NLTC

CADYouth: "Twitter is one giant conversation." (@shfz #nltc).

Esposito2024: Facebook - who you know; Twitter - what you know. @shfz #NLTC

LissetteMarie: #NLTC: Shane Feldman's workshop rocks!

CADYouth: Harnessing Social Media: Communicate, Learn and ACT! (@shfz #nltc). The best workshop so far!

alicialane: The key benefit of org's on twitter: increased transparency and accessibility. @nadtweets #nltc

Esposito2024: @shfz: mesmerizing, dynamic, informative & engaging presentation!! Good job, my friend #NLTC

aimistar: via @Esposito2024 & @michgerson: @shfz tells everyone at his wksp at #nltc conference to follow @NADtweets to stay posted on NAD happenings!

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