Saturday, January 26, 2008

Drive Thru Service Reasons

To The Fast Restaurant Workers:

Why drive thru service instead of walking inside the fast restaurants? Tons of reasons!

NUMBER ONE is we have a right as any other customer!

Then there are more:

~ Too many small kids

~ Not feeling well, uncomfortable

~ In a hurry for errands, or meetings

~ Opps, dirty clothes

~ New or Old Injury that bothers walking

~ Bad Hair Day, ew!

~ Raining Day, ugh

~ Brrrr, too cold to go out of the car

~ Take the food for someone else

~ Worn out, ready to bum out

~ Got a sick passenger

~ You name it

There is no excuse for us not come into the restaurants, but what about those hearing people? They have no excuse, too.

Well, we pay for the food. Don't you want our money and our faithfulness?? Do not bully us around. That is called Audism! I just put the link for anyone who is not familiar with the word, Audism.

Thank you,

Butterfly, like me...Deaf


Deb Ann said...

one more thing...if the person smells bad or has a lot of stomach gases...just for a laugh. (I hope it is okay) ;)

deafk said...

Ha, that's funny! that is fine... like i said, there is unlimited reasons for driving thru services.