Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big Eyes!!


See this glued sand thing that has two big eyes?? See that this thing has a small ear, and small mouth? And small nose?? See what it is on the back? Now you see the whole thing here...

Let me tell you the story about this thing. I was fourteen years old and I was in 8th grade. I went to the art class. All were hearing; it was hearing school. The teacher asked us to sculpt anything on this glued sand thing. We were asked to be creative with it. I looked at the students what they did with their glued sand things. I was thinking... Then I decided to crave the shapes of eyes. I was in the mood for craving the eyes. Big eyes, yeah. Some students asked me about the nose, ears and or mouth that needs to be on this thing. Oh, yeah, I put up small shapes of nose, ears and mouth. I barely got by putting what is leftover on the thing. I felt the big eyes were important to me, anyhow. I completed with this project.

Years, and years passing on, I looked and looked, and studied at this thing, and I came to realize about this thing. Whoa!! Let me show you this. Those two big eyes. I am sure you have some good common senses what I am trying to say here, but here I have the value in the eyes! I am DEAF. I use eyes for everything. I had to look around a lot. Ears, nose and mouth are not that important to me! Isn't it amazing how my fourteen years old mind expressing this?? The value is the EYES! Yeah!!

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

P.S. I just showed my eight years old daughter this message, and she exclaimed "YOU MADE THIS THING???" right, ha, ha...

Friday, April 25, 2008

My Deafread Tidbits 4/27/08

My DeafRead Tidbits April 27, 2008

Let me throw out a few subjects here and review them with you. Okay, thanks.

*Note* I do not transcript completely. I just brief the message at least. Thanks.

Emergency and Excuse = same sign message set up a while ago... The message was to focus on the mixed up communication. However, some people gave good suggestions what to do about this sign. I did my part by telling those local people that the sign was not proper. My co-workers also were from Gallaudet and they were not comfortable with that sign, too. The local people told me to leave the sign alone, because they use this sign for many years. I am asking ASL professors what we can do about that? Can you comment on this by responding to my question: what can I do if Deaf signers refuse to change the sign? Do it on your v/blogs, smile. I'd appreciate that!

Domestic Violence and Deaf People message set up a while ago... I had guts to tell the Deaf community. I was wondering whether it was worth my time for telling or not. After I got a lot of comments, not only DeafRead, but others, I was glad that I did my job. Here is the copy of rights of relationship for your reference. For your consideration of relationship possible to improve, or anything that can benefit you... You can highlight this part, and copy it and paste it on your window works word processor. Best I can do for ya!!

Basic Rights in a Relationship:

* The right to emotional support.

* The right to be heard by the other and to be responded to with courtesy.

* The right to have your own point of view, even if it differs from your partner's.

* The right to have your feelings and experiences acknowledged as real.

* The right to live free from accusation and blame.

* The right to live free from criticism and judgment.

* The right to live free from emotional and physical threat.

* The right to live free from angry outbursts and rage.

* The right to be respectfully asked, rather than ordered.

DeafRead's new, not yet coming out, Deafside. I think it is worth it. I am looking forward to this. I am excited all about it.

Now, about DeafRead's customized feature, I did customize my DeafRead to my preferences. I admit it....then I realized that some DR readers would also remove my v/blog to the unwanted list. I do not mind that, but I wonder what if they might be willing to read my v/blog by chance, if it were not for the customized feature. I see the conflict here. This is my reaction about the customized feature. So, I just better let you know about this.

My v/blog has not been one year yet, but I feel like I have been here for long time now. I guess it is all for now.

butterfly, like me...Deaf

Thursday, April 17, 2008

ASL Verison: Think Globally, Act Locally...How? My suggestion

Here is the video for you who prefer to watch instead of read the transcript. :D


Go to the link for the transcript.

Thank you, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Think Globally; Act Locally....How? My Suggestion

I want to thank Joey Baer for bringing the subject, "Think Globally; Act Locally." I handwave for him. My suggestion for "Think Globally; Act Locally" is, of course, two things: leadership training and organization training. :D

NAD just completed the leadership training as, our Deafread editor, Tayler Mayer mentioned a while ago. Now, I was wondering how often NAD provides the leadership trainings per year. So, I have checked NAD's website, and only it said one location. Just one location this year so far. I saw the sponsors listed for this training. So, I am impressed that this training is costing everyone, both sponsors and attendees. I am sure that the attendees also paid for the conference, right?

We need to study this and figure out what we can do for our Deaf Community. Remember the term, Deafhood?? Smile, so, we need to figure out each detail, each subject, and each situation. If not study each situation, then we would do the same as before, like indifference or apathy.

See, the only one location NAD was able to provide the training for the year of 2008. I am sure through this training NAD was able to spread the empowerment to the attendees, and I hope the attendees could be able to spread their lessons to their Deaf locals. The state associations of NAD would provide the leadership trainings this year, I surely hope so, because I do not recall mine, either at NAD conferences or state association conferences, hmmm. If so, tell me which year it was, ok? Maybe not during my times?? The conclusion for this is to train more locals around the United States.

Organization training is an essential tool for the Deaf communities. Seriously, I had witnessed one organization got messed up because of too many green thumbs or newly experienced members. They had college degrees. Just that having college degrees does not mean they were experienced, if they did not even participate in any organization during college times, or afterwards. So, providing the organization training is necessary! Or those Deaf potential leaders who may never attend any organization. Robert's Rules of Order is an excellent way to develop their organization skills, BUT they need someone who have experiences and who can give them some guides how to run the organizations.

That was my two cents, smile.

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

UP TO DATE: 04/17. at 10:50am EST

One commenter below made sure that followers are important part of team. I agree 100% with her. I am sorry I did not even mentioned this recently. Still, those followers who do not want or need leadership trainings SHOULD have organization trainings to run properly in organizations. Ok? Thank you, deafk

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Alert: We Need Agency, Committee Or Representative!


I share my concern about this title. I have noticed that something has not happening, none. No action has been taken, or very little. What? It is the agency, committee, or representative that take care of the system, ADA, Department of Civil Rights, EEO, lawyers, and others. This position would take responsibilities of this system.

I was watching the video in DeafVideo.TV about not able to get through with ADA or Dept of Civil Rights and not know what to do about this. The letter told this vlogger to contact the lawyer. It was an insult, because this person is Deaf. The lawyer costs and Deaf people do not have money. I came to realize that I was there, too. I have contact Division on Deafness Department. This department asked me to contact the lawyer. Then I contacted the lawyer(s), and they declined. Then Department of Civil Rights suggested that someone return to the employment with an education and reprimand. This person did not want to go back to the employment, saying this situation became uncomfortable. I have heard from another Deaf people that returned to their employment with the help of DCR, and their situation got worsened. DCR said, then that is too bad. What is that? Looking at the situations, the system failed us.

So, the agency, the committee or representative can take the underground works, small conflicts, and complaints. The position can correct the situations. They can give warning. Something can be done. This is my concern!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

And What Did I Do for This Sign?; A Very Good Tip For Deaf National Organization

Recently I posted a video about two words and same sign. This two words = one sign created confusion. I signed the story as it was, but I did not say my preference of signs for the two words, nor whether I still work there or not. My preference of signs of course are different from what I had to sign in that location, and I no longer worked there. I was advised to educate the Deaf locals. Yes, I did, and I was told to leave the sign alone.

Okay, I want to mention what we can do for some Deaf people who refuses to change the sign they use for many years. "Leave it alone" rings over and over all over the USA. I am sure the ASL professors has something to say about this. Perhaps write sign this issue on their v/blog?

A Very Good Tip for Deaf Organizations!! Here is the video below:


Okay, this video shows a Deaf guy named Melvin from California who communicates very well. His youtube name is Change4Deaf. He explained how we can strength our group as Deaf and Hard of Hearing group to represent ourselves to the Capitol's senators, house of representatives, and the President(s). Very good tip.

Now, I was thinking about how to strength our Deaf rights, as I have mentioned earlier in my v/blog messages. Like a new national organization... Maybe DBC Plus? DBC Plus, why? Not only for Deaf babies, BUT for the rest of us. ;D Anyway, we could use DBC (Plus) to represent us???? If so, we could discuss with DBC and make strategies how to do so. In Wisconsin this summer, we could arrange the time to discuss further with DBC? It all depends on you! Or NAD, perhaps, up to you...

We need the new or, better yet, open thinkers who are not afraid to express what they need for the change. We need the change to better our lives. Recently, Vpads, and newer blackberry pager with gps are the example for the better technology of the Deaf. So, we desparately need our human rights to be improved. Our human rights need to be advanced like technology of the Deaf!!

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Emergency" & "Excuse" = Same Sign in One Location

"Emergency" and "Excuse" = same sign in one location. True biz, caused confusion!!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

ASL Version of Domestic Violence and Deaf People

Here is the video for you who prefers to watch over to read, smile!

Go to this link for the transcript!

Update! Janauary 18, 2010: Deafhope is trying to collect the vote, and is needing our help to vote. Chase Community Giving group in Facebook is giving 1 million dollars to the most votes.

Here is the description:

One must be Fan first then get 5 free votes. On Facebook, please follow the link below: Accept Application... Become a fan and VOTE. One million dollars will increase staff to full time hours and allocate a portion to our Capital Campaign, building a Deaf shelter designed to support and empower survivors. Our Deaf Space Safe House will be the only of its kind in the United States!Additional information about DeafHope's services and our Big Idea for $1 million on Facebook page: Please show your support for DeafHope. Vote NOW!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Domestic Violence and Deaf people

Hi, folks,

Domestic violence experiences at some homes. This subject is the least talked about subject, especially among the Deaf communities. Why mention this? I had experienced domestic violence and it led me to file for a divorce. Also, I just witnessed someone else's experience. So, this prompted me to do this blog message. I thought I probably share this with you, not about myself, but about the people I had encountered with recently. No names mentioned for the security reasons, of course.

I went to the shelter with my kids. I felt relieved from the home situation. I did not expect the stress, nor the arguments, like I usually did at home. I felt free. At nights, I slept peacefully without any worries or negative feelings.

At the shelter, people get support. People get a place to stay and sleep. They do not have to worry about budget for hotel or staying at friend's or relatives' homes with an expectation of doing the best there. They do not have to be worried whether the spouse might show up and cause the problems at home...

Anyway, I want to mention a few interesting points here that domestic violence can happen to anyone. I am a social worker, and it happened to me. The judge showed up at the shelter and she shared her experience with us that she, too, was a victim to domestic violence while she was a lawyer, and her husband was a policeman.

There are some serious stories at shelter. For example, one lady showed up after being beaten three months ago, and she was hospitalized for three months. She had broken collarbone, two ribs and ankle. She filed for a divorce after this incident.

Another story: one guy showed up at the shelter. His lover beat him so badly that he ended up at hospital. This guy does not have a job, and a home. So, he needs some help to start over by finding a new job and a new home. The shelter helps him out.

How about this story: one lady did not experience severe situations like this, but experienced considerably bothersome unavoidable situation that she needed some space for herself. She was stressed out badly that she needed a place away from her ex-husband. The shelter provided much needed support and peace that she wasn't able to get at home. .

One more story: one deaf girl was beaten by her ex-husband by smashing the hearing aid on her head. The part of skull is damaged, and the cochlear is gone. She cannot hear anything on her damaged ear.

Again, this does not limit to women and gays, but to men. I know a few Deaf men that have experienced the domestic violence.

So, I can list some more like this. However, I'd like to add this information to this.

Basic Rights in a Relationship:

* The right to emotional support.

* The right to be heard by the other and to be responded to with courtesy.

* The right to have your own point of view, even if it differs from your partner's.

* The right to have your feelings and experiences acknowledged as real.

* The right to live free from accusation and blame.

* The right to live free from criticism and judgment.

* The right to live free from emotional and physical threat.

* The right to live free from angry outbursts and rage.

* The right to be respectfully asked, rather than ordered.

Again, it depends on how you view on your relationship. Some can be tolerated, while another can be uncomfortable.

Thank you, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Up to date:

One commenter mentioned an unfinished project, like the need to completing the house. This hit me this spot, because I postponed the file for divorce, due to unfinished project, like an addition of mine. I feel I could have done earlier if it were not for the addition. So, do not let anything stop you from filing for the divorce, IF you are experiencing the unpleasant situation.

Thank you, Butterfly, like me...Deaf