Tuesday, August 26, 2008



Yeah, I caught it!! You tried to move on successfully without any notice... Finished you!! I am glad you did the work successfully. Hand Waving. Now, you understand that it was your job. :D Thank you, and ILY!!

Now, I have to explain this to the public. I have not heard anything from you, Tayler. This is overlooked. So, I need to let the public know about this feature. Yeah, it is a small feature, but it make more convenince for all of us. Thank you again, Tayler.

Now, what is up with this? What did Tayler do to succeed? Yeah, remember last summer, I objected about DVTV's still video. (Paper is displayed, DVTV's page) That one, Tayler, yes, that one! When we make the change in YouTube's three choice, we can do that. When the video still arrives on DVTV's page, we cannot change the picture. We got stuck with the unwanted still video on DVTV's page. Sometimes the still videos are not attractive, or are embarrassing us. Like the finger on the nose, oops. Yucky!!

Anyway, I objected about this situation. A while later, I noticed something about the still video being changed... I wasn't sure all about them. I was puzzled all about them, and I suspected something was going on. So, I let them go, anyhow. Recently, I tested the still videos on DVTV to see if the still video could be changed. I tried my all YouTube's three still videos on DVTV. I checked on DVTV's page with my still video. Yes, my still videos all were changing... PAH!! See this DVTV's page (Displayed DVTV's page on paper). Your YouTube's still video will be shown on DVTV according to your preference or choice. Finally! Yay..Hand Waving!! Things are a little better, more comfortable. That would make us feel better about DVTV a little more. Thank to Tayler. Hand Waving.

Did I object for nothing? NO! I made it a difference, and I am glad!

Here are two v/blogs about this feature:

TAYLER!! Those DeafVIDEO.tv Front Picture?? YUCK!!

Small Solution for DVTV's Still Video

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

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Friday, August 22, 2008

I Notice Deaf Pattern here at DeafRead...

Hi, folks,

I want to express with you what I have experienced and observed Deaf people coming and leaving DeafRead... I have studied those pattern. Interesting experience for me. I let you know those Deaf people come to DeafRead to enjoy the reading, enjoy with signing in the videos. However, they did not expect the criticism and negative comments. Me, I think I am okay so far with my v/blog. Mine is low profile which helps a great deal. I try my best.

I let you know that those intelligence Deaf people tried to do their part with DeafRead. They get frustrated over and over again. Then they left DeafRead. Seriously, intelligence Deaf people keep in touch with another intelligence Deaf people. I admit it. I am sorry, yes. They need feedback. For example, in my hometown, there is a Deaf clubhouse, and a deaf school. There are many intelligence Deaf people around here. Yet they live on their own. They are over there, and I live on my own here. My friends live far and out of reach. Now here the Internet is awesome, because I can talk and network with many Deaf people through Internet. It is really a blessing to have the Internet.

I talked to some Deaf people, and discovered that they really do not like the negative messages nor comments. They are sensitive people. Truly.. Some Deaf people have thin skins while other have thick skins.

I really enjoyed the signing circle. I have learned a great deal from this signing circle. This does not mean I support every one's speakings. No, no... All concept, no.. I just supported some people, talked, shared the ideas, and give feedback. I enjoyed this approach. I liked the signing circle, due to friends supporting friends. I do not see this in DeafRead. Also, I have time to listen the video comments, taking my time to watch those comments. Chat rooms and Yahoo Live chat rooms are nonstop, limited time, focusing one another to watch on their time, not self time... You understand? That... If you had to do something else, and to come to chat room, you miss all the information.

I would like to see circle, any circle with taking turns (video comments). I wrote on my up date status message about the circle with video comments on Facebook. I would like to see the signing circle in Facebook, because I do not see anything in FB, like something is missing. Same thing with DeafRead. What, talking, and taking turn, fellowship, making conversation. That is something I am looking for. I am hoping for this happening soon, real soon...I am expressing how I want for this.

Please remember that people are not perfect. Not. They are learning. So am I. I do support Deaf Babies Coalition. I care about DBC. I also appreciate Deafhood and its theories, practices.. Umm, I like the studying of self as a Deaf person. Maybe better yet ASL person (for hearing people's sake). My number one concern is Deaf babies. Remember I am from hearing family. Parents hearing and I had hard time communication. It was not easy. I would like to see parents hearing communicate with Deaf babies, feeling comfortable, cooperating well with Deaf babies. I am willing to do anything for the Deaf babies.

OK, back to the subject, about Deaf people leaving DeafRead due to frustration, think about them. I want to encourage them and give them support, our support. Unity, and fellowship... They are not forgotten, not. I hope they mull over, and decide to come back... They need to feel comfortable to join back. Comfort zone is important.

Thank you, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Latin to Pompeians is ASL to Deaf People

Hi, there,

I would like to mention this, Latin to Pompeians is ASL to Deaf People. It is all because of one suggestion by Carl Schroeder. I also learned something from someone else. Carl explained how DEAF vs. ASL could be valuable in this world and for marketing purposes. Someone else questioned the word Deaf in Deafhood, as if it is still crippling one self. That this word, Deaf, is not considered healthy approach in this world, oh, I mean, this hearing world.

So, let me describe how the language could conditioned. At Gallaudet University, I took two years, or four semesters of foreign language, and it was Latin. I wanted to take it to expand my vocabulary. Indeed, it helped in a way. Anyway, I learned that about how Latin language was being used while Pompeians were alive. They created terms to use for their daily living. Then the volcano erupted and the people of Pompeii died. Their language was faded away, and it becomes a dead language. I was to study their language to understand their cultivated living and how they used the term, and grammars to make sentences according to their daily living.

So, what I am saying here is ASL being used by Deaf people, due to their daily living uses. ASL is the language that created by Deaf people. Culture is there in the ASL language. People can learn more about us through the language study.

So, it is a good idea to market the Hearing people the term, ASL, instead of the term, Deaf.

Thank you, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

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