Monday, July 28, 2008

Audism? Then what are we with those....?


I recieved a comment on my previous v/blog message. It got me think and mull over what we really are. I feel that using the term could oversimplify everything else. I do not see any guideline on how to use this term, audism, other than the Deafhood book. This got me think over. Do not take this that I am against the term, Audism. I support this term very much. I love the concept of using the term for the legal purposes. It is a wonderful term to use.

Now, the comment from my last message brought some questions. I would like to clarify some thing. Let me paste this comment...

"Don't bother getting hearing aids. They will just support the idea of audism. I feel more free after I got rid of my hearing aids. I don't have to be slave to my hearing aids." ~ Anonymous

I responsed to this:

"By the way, I do not agree to the word, audism, for using hearing aids. It seems to be off the focuspoint of the audism. Audist looks down on us, the Deaf people. Then how can the hearing aids be considered a part of audism? Not only us, but the general people who loses little hearing in their latter lives. We use it to hear something. What?"

Don't you see an issue here? Oversimplifying the term could cause the confusion... Please leave the message in the comments. Thanks.

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Up to Date: 7/28/08 at 12:15pm I forgot to mention in the either blog or video. This comment by the anonymous should be considered a personal decision, regardless how he or she looks at the hearing aids as a part of audism or not. Hearing aids should be neutral, regardless how the hearing people view on us with hearing aids. This is an interesting subject.

***Go to the link for video comment.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Used to... Now No More, what? Hearing Aids, Here is the why..


What is going on about hearing aids? I rarely talked about them. Finally, I decided to talk about the technical things..Hearing Aids!!

I grew up with the hearing aid with wire between chest and ears. Mother made hearing aid holders for me to wear. I worn this kind of hearing aid until I was in the middle school. One boy looked at my hearing aid and made fun of my hearing aid, saying I have three breasts. He laughed at me. He was a hearing guy. I was embarrassed, and left immediately. I told my mom that I refused to use the hearing aid. Mom felt bad about that, and she went to get hearing aid behind ears. I recieved them INSTANTLY.. I was glad that I have them behind my ears at least. I used the hearing aid behind ears rest of my life.

As I entered into my twenties, I went to Gallaudet University. I decided to feel totally Deaf. I did not need that. I was experiencing Deaf pride at GU. If there was music, movies, or events that required hearing aids, I would use them. So on like that.

Into my thirties, 30s, I used the hearing aids whenever I needed them. I began to notice that my hearing went white out after about 30 minutes with wearing hearing aid. Then my hearing went shorter and shorter, like 25 minutes, 20 minutes, down to 5 mintues... Then it was like 2 minutes. Then it was like fast pffflt. It was like white out. White out...

It was like life going quiet. Then I could not hear anything anymore. I had to take the hearing aids off and put them aside. I did not know what to do with them. So, I tried the audiogist to see if she could check on my hearing aids whether they worked or not. The audiogist tested those hearing aids with machine, and she reported that they worked fine. I said, they worked? She confirmed. I explained about white out right after wearing hearing aids within a few minutes. She could not explain how things happened. The audiogist said those hearing aids are the top, and powerful hearing aids. I said, is that it? Am I finished with hearing aids? She said, oh I could try some other hearing aids. I realized that that was it. I had to put them in the drawer. It is finished for me.

I'm curious, have you experienced those white out sounds like mine? My description of white out is sounds gone, or cannot hear anything else. It is like color in life becomes white. The sounds I could hear are becoming silence. You have similiar experiences like mine? You can give feedback, or discussion here. We could share something like that.

I heard that the digital hearing aids work better. Would they be better for me? I wonder all about this.

What I miss about wearing hearing aids was the sound surroundings. I would hear shoes making noises, and then I would know someone is coming. Papers shafting noises would get me attention. I would identity the noises such like that. People in the hall next to the room where I would be in would talk, and then laugh or shout. I would be aware of those. No, not those words, I was not expert on that, ok? Just the sounds. I would hear the cars' noises, and motorcycles' noises, too. Now those noises are no longer presented. All gone. I hear nothing now. Before in GU, I had options to wear or not to wear the hearing aids, now I have no option. It is permenant.

About Cochlear Implant, I am not interested in them. My friend had the similiar experience as mine. This person went ahead and got the CI. This person did not care about the world, "so what." This person finally could hear the sound surroundings, and the children's voices. This person did not want to practice the listening to the speech or word dictitions. Just sound surroundings. Okay.... I think about digital hearing aids right now.

Oh, short message, know this, Publishers Clearing House, PCH, send this letter for five or ten millions dollars winnings. Primtime or its like, had researched on PCH. They informed that PCH's winnings prizes are real. Hearing people got winning monies as we saw on commericals. I wonder about Deaf people. Anyone of you got the money from PCH?? If using the name, Anonymous, I question how real Anonymous could be, smile.

Thank you. Bye, bye...

Go to this link for video comment! :D

P.S. The ring on my hand is really cloth rubber band for ponytail... Guess I marry to my kids, lol.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gee, I am not comfortable to speak nowsday in DeafRead..


I am sorry to hear that Joey Baer is leaving Deafread. He was my inspiration to set up my v/blog and share my views with you guys! I am in disappointment that I could not keep up with the group I joined a year ago. I understand that Deafread is for anyone that comes and goes.

Now, I am sorry if I offend one of you, considering how Deafread set the guideline: Freedom of speech. I am confused what I should do now. I need to re-evaluate my motivation for any presentation.

I love to do the vlog and blog. I am not the same person as I was a year ago. It helps me a great deal. You can say it is my therapy, considering a phrase I went through the process of getting a divorce. I am so tempted to keep up with Deafread..

I do not want to offend anyone, nor insult anyone. It is not my intention at all. I guess we need to be firm with Deafread until DeafRead gives in to protect us. Oh, my goodness, I am not like Joey, nor Patti Durr who can get away with a lot of people. So, I cannot predict myself well on this.

I want to say I love you all! We need to put our heads on ones' shoulders, hug each other, and forgive one another.

DeafRead, do something.

Thanks, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Friday, July 11, 2008


Up to Date: July 12, 2008 at 9:49am The video is somehow erased. I do not know how this happened. I had to remove the whole video and its embedded. This will be investigated, thank you.

Up to Date 2: July 12, 2008 at 12:39pm Video was successfully made, and uploaded just now. Here it is.

Up to Date: July 15 at 4:38pm EST Changed for better video last Sunday, but replaced today instead... Third time!! oh well, ha.


My mind blew out when Aidan revealed how our newly elected President of NAD how she responsed to Amy Cohen Efron's question. Oh, gosh, I completely forgot that the "I am better than you" attitudes. I am in the shelled world, hiding.. The blogsphere has freed me from those people with attitudes.. The blogsphere also helps me develop new friendships. Same thing with Facebook...

When BB Scoggins said NAD is to stay, I came to remember that I wrote a blog message about another organization needed. I mentioned another organization, due to health competion with NAD. More people work. More projects need to be completed. NAD has stuctures, and year to year plans. NAD was established at the same time when Milan announced oralism was the answer. NAD has been here for a long time. I understand how BB Scoggins could be frustrated with us. My impression is that Amy Cohen Efron represents us as the vloggers and bloggers in Deafread and everything else. Again, I could be wrong..

Here are the ranks of the NAD motions. I am not sure whether the voting result are done, or not. They are very nice motions mentioned in the website. I am impressed with those.

Click to this link: NAD's top 30 proposed motions:

Total 30 RANK Proposed Motions

1. #1 Open Captioning in Public Movie Theaters
5. #2 Certified Deaf Interpreter
7. #3 tied Equal Access via Captioning
16. #3 tied Protect State Deaf Schools
2. #4 Federal Recognition of ASL
6. #5 tied National Agenda for Mental Health
18. #5 tied ASL is a Deaf Child's Human Right!
14. #6 NAD and Deaf Education
25. #7 Live CC for Local TV News
9. #8 Early Intervention and Parent Education
10. #9 tied Hearing Aids/Molds/Batteries/and Services
11. #9 tied Vocational Rehabilition Service
19. #10 tied Feasibility Study on Preserving American Deaf History and ASL
30. #10 tied Early Intervention
15. #11 tied Requiring Closed Captions on All Size TVs
27. #11 tied NAD Youth Programs Task Force
24. #12 Action Alert System for State Associations
13. #13 Health Care Insurance
22. #14 Department of Transportation Requirements
21. #15 Advocacy and Support for ADA Restortation Act
20. #16 Advocacy support for 21st Century Video and Accessibility Act
28. #17 Testing Materials for Deaf Test-Takers in ESL
26. #18 NAD Exhibiltation at Expos/ Conferences
8. #19 tied Promotional DVD about NAD
23. #19 tied NAD Employment Task Force
29. #20 Immigration Access
4. #21 tied Disclosure of CI Risks
17. #21 tied Deafhood Training
3. #22 Video Hotline System
12. #23 Naming of Jr. NAD Chapters

Now, 30 motions... NAD said the goal to do the top 20 motions for next two years. Yeah, I suggest another organization setting up. Two organizations... ten motions each. I have worked in Deaf organization in the past, and when I see those motions, I know it takes a lot of time invovled. Not easy assignments. There are a lot of big projects. Not enough for two years.

NAD will never be gone!! I never picture that NAD will be faded away!! NEVER! NAD is a champ organization. So, I do that as a devil's better Deaf people's lives! Yeah.. Oh, wow..

Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Small Solution for DVTV's Still Video

Small Solution for DVTV's Still Video

Brief message...

Found a small solution for's still video. I do this because I am not satisfied with my still video on DVTV's page. I think my videos are the worst of all, lol. I mean this well, thank you.

My recent v/blog message had the term, front pictures, but the commenter's said still videos. Ok, ok.. maybe we have not find the term for those DVTV's page with still videos.

DVTV commenters and I brainstormed on this how thing could be improved.. I have learned from the feedback. One commenter gave the example. He is a comedian, and an actor. Here is the link to his video sample. I like the idea. It may be awkward situation, lol.

The small solution is less body moving, less expression, less hand moving for signing, more facial seriousness in order to get better still pictures. Youtube has three choices of still video. They are changeable! For DVTV's page, those still videos are not changeable.

I give an example how things work on DVTV's page that they cannot be changed on video.

Also, one commenter plans to display how to do the youtube's still video.. I am looking forward to watch his video on DVTV perhaps this weekend.

Tayler, the commenters on DVTV said you cannot do anything about the still video. My apologies for using your name a bit too much. I was hoping that you could fix it, smile.

My pictures on DVTV are sometimes real bad. I cannot stand those pictures, and I cannot imagine how I even looked on those pictures. You know, first impression lasts? That is something I even cannot fathom with my DVTV's still video.

Thank you. Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Up to Date: For your information, I got three better still videos through Youtube... Obviously less body moving, less expression, and less hand moving better works. That is really small solution! ;D

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

TAYLER!! Those Front Pictures?? YUCK!!

TAYLER!! Those Front?? YUCK!!


TAYLER! I object!! I hate the idea of seeing another bad picture showing up on again and again... Tayler, please be considerate and be thoughtful!! I have emailed to Tayler and all he said was changing the pictures. I have done that all the time. However, I get stuck with's front picture... I feel offensive by seeing the badly picture taken and stuck on First impression is very important, and yeah, I do not get much hits, or numbers, due to the "ew" pictures!!

No one talks about this, so I do this!! I have the guts to do so!!! TAYLER! My front pictures are probably the worst!! It may be due to my extreme expression??

Tayler, I am pretty sure that the other vloggers get embarrassed with the's front pictures and they cannot do anything. They are affected by those blah pictures... Vloggers, please tell in the comments that you agree with me about the front pictures.

I flip up and get fed up with this. I want to do something... Please come on, Tayler... I have left the video comments with badly front pictures for you to listen!

TAYLER! Your job with ain't FINISHED... NO ~ NO ~ NO!! Smile!

Thanks, Butterfly, like me...Deaf

Up to Date: The word, front picture, may be confusing... I am trying to find the term for the still video picture on's page... I was thinking of front pictures, maybe new term, front picture, maybe different term...? Someome called them still videos. I mean for page with pictures... Some of them are horrible! That is the subject I have tried to explain. Those are new to me... Thanks. Butterfly

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Deaf J, My Deaf Dog


I want to talk about Deaf J, Deaf dog of mine. I got her last October. I have written about this dog, and I will add this to this after this message. Now, let me show you Deaf J. Displayed Deaf J on video... Putting her down...

I want to mention a few Deaf characteristics of this Deaf J... Behavior related her being Deaf.

When I drove home, I saw Deaf J popping up at the window, watching me and the vehicle. How does she know that I get home?? I suspect that Sweetie, the other dog, acted up when I got home that woke Deaf J up, somehow. Deaf J must have used extra of her senses. I don't figure that out yet.

Whenever I drove home, Deaf J would pop up... What did I see something from Deaf J?? It was the Deaf eyes. It was like she uses her eyes more than her ears... Her eyes shows more perspective. It is so cute to see her like that.

Sometimes Deaf J sleeps through my arriving home. I would walk pass her while she sleeps... Shortly she woke up. Obviously she would smell my scent, or wind drifting. Her ears perk and she wags her tail as if she is happy to see me. She's cute!!

Whenever I drop the food for the dogs, Sweetie and Deaf J, I would call for Sweetie. Sweetie would pace fast to the food, she could hear the droppings, anyhow. She is a yellow lab. She would pace real fast every time! If Deaf J sleeps, she would wake up right after Sweetie passing her. It has to be scent, wind drifting, patting on the floor that Deaf J is familiar with Sweetie! Deaf J would pace toward Sweetie and me. That's wonderful!!

Achoo. When I sat on the coach and Deaf J would lay beneath, Deaf J would wake up and pop up after I achooed. She does not understand where the noise comes from. Deaf J is not full Deaf. Sometimes I yell, and Deaf J hears, but still gets confused about the noise and whereabouts.

I wrote in Facebook's status comment about why Deaf J barks at me and Sweetie. I don't know, but I have to tap Deaf J to let her know barking is not allowed. Deaf J would stop barking...

Dogs go to the outside... Sweetie would come back to the house easily. She is a wonderful obedient dog. Deaf J would see that Sweetie goes into the house, and yet she stays outside and sniffs more, or thinks more whatever.. I could not call her. I have to go to her, and tap her. Deaf J would look at me. I sign her come into the house. Deaf J look down and walk into the house.

Every time I see Deaf J, I have to tap her, and sign come. I use the hand to sign come... Deaf J would look at me, and then look down while walking to me or the house. So cute! I enjoy having her as Deaf dog.

That is all!

Link to this story about Deaf J I wrote in December...

Butterfly, like me...Deaf